Wednesday, February 05, 2014


No no. Not my wedding! Wait till June okay. Haha. Attended a wedding at taiping before the year 2013 ended. It was on November, if I'm not mistaken. Blame the short term memory loss. 

It was my husband's cousin's wedding. The wedding dinner was held in a Chinese restaurant *couldnt remember the name of it* The ambience of the restaurant was alright, not very grand and  I'm sorry to say the food wasn't good at all. Honest opinion. 

Couldn't complain much as it wasn't a well known restaurant or a 5 star restaurant :0 

I understand that it's not cheap to held a wedding because everything is so expensive now. However, if the ambience  isn't that good but at least *i was hoping* the food is good or something. 


They have a live band that sing Chinese love songs most of the time. I know it's a
Chinese wedding but I'm a banana. Half banana only wei, not too bad huh 

Kinda lazy to dress up so just a simple #ootd 

With the mother-in-law *ignore my fat face thx*

#selfie Never fail to snap one! Haha 

Us again! <3

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