Friday, March 07, 2014

CNY Day 1

Finally right. The post I'm exited about is finally up. Haha. Sorry have been busy lately and decided to abandoned this bloggie for few days *better than leaving it for years* 

So this year CNY was short but joyful. Why? Because this is the 1st year after working for 3years, I have longggggg cny leave. Haha. And it's because I'm newly unemployed lol 

Holiday!!!! Am loving it and will be loving it until I managed to get a new job :) 

Yeah, I'm still receiving this year :D double happiness! 

May this year be good for everything :) 

#ootd I always love wearing cheongsam 

With Vincent, the oldest brother in the family but seems like he is the younger one 

Who doesn't love lion dance???? 

And omg, it's in pink! As requested 

Managed to celebrate this festive season with family is so special. I'm happy that I managed to spend most of the time with them but of course, I miss the two little ones in the states. Hoping they were here with us :/ 

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