Monday, April 14, 2014

CNY Day 2

Come to think of it, where is my cny day 2 post? Haha. So funny that I actually forgotten about it. Sorry peeps, I have so many things going thru my small little brain now. I know I know, no excuses but human always make excuses so bear with me lol

Basically, 2nd day of cny was going around to visit the relatives and also camwhoring with family members. So please bear in mind that you'll be seeing a lot of me * not that a lot actually* when you scroll down ;) 


Us with Vincent's new car!

Mom accidentally photobomb-ed this picture :0

Pillows wanna go visiting too 

*pout because its hot outside*

With pineapple tarts! One of my fav! 

So yeah, let's wait for the next cny! Can't wait. Haha! Hopefully I'll be able to spend more time at hometown. But next year, I'll be giving out ang pows instead of receiving. Boo but excited! :D

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