Monday, June 23, 2014


If you did notice that my wedding ceremony just ended like 2 weeks ago, then you sure remember that my little sis and bro are back from the states. But sadly when I was typing this, my sis is already back in the states. I miss you! 

Left my younger bro here together with all of us. So when he was back from the states, we tried to spend as much time with him before he goes back there. Mosly we spend time with him during the nights or weekends as he is currently doing his intern now :/

Last Saturday, we went to Ikano. Mom and I need to do some touch up for my eyebrow @.@ 

Tops - Wet Seal (USA)
Skirt - Forever21 (USA) 

Bought them in the states and wearing them in Malaysia lol 

Don't know why I look so chubby here T_______T 

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Grace Oon said...

WOW your blog is still alive after all these years! And blogging more often I see!! Keep it up girl and can't wait to know more about your married life! <3

Your cousin Gracie