Tuesday, July 29, 2014

What else?

What does a siu lai lai do whenever she is free? Haha of course, pampering herself after doing all the crazy heavy duty house chores *exaggerate housewife lol* 

I'm sad to admit that I'm actually a GROUPON virgin haha until that particular day where I decided to break that virginity by purchasing a basic mani pedi session with only rm38. So I brought my mom for the session. Mothers are always the best companion! I love you mom :) 

The shop located in Bandar Puteri Puchong and it's called Ayoee Beauty. Same row with Gong Cha. I'm amazed on the numbers of beauty shops/saloon in just that area. So many competition :0 

Boring face :0

The pretty manicurist ; Angela! Was surprised when she told me she is married because she looks so young! Ahhhh 

Seen this before? Yes, it was in my Instagram like a while ago..

Lol. This is an outdated post! 

Monday, July 28, 2014

Happy holiday!

Hei everyone! I would like to sincerely wish all Muslims a very selamat hari raya. Be safe on the road and enjoy this festive season with your loved ones. May all the past wrong beings/doings be forgiven. And also don't forget to enjoy all the mouth watering dishes and cookies! Oh oh, and also share them with me *nom nom*

I know this is a joyful celebration, however, my prayers are still with the affected ones in the incident of Mh370 and also MH17! 

Unfortunately, my cousin brother passed away this morning due to suspected heart attack. I can't imagine how his family members going through this when they are all prepared for Raya. RIP! 

So people..appreciate your life because you'll never know what happen :( 

Friday, July 25, 2014

She's even more beautiful

Last last night, had a date/post birthday celebration with my babe ; Cher Wei. In fact, I knew that before and on the actual day of her birthday, she will be occupied with all the birthday plans therefore I decided to only celebrate with her after that :) 

She has too many friends already that's why. She's friendly :) 

She picked me up *she likes doing that so I'll have to decide where to go. Unfair babe unfair lol* and off we went to the selected place. I gave her 3 options to chose from.

1. Jibby & Co. @ Empire 
2. Delicious @ Sunway 
3. Alexis @ The Gardens *we crossed this out because it's too far* 

So in the end, she only have 2 options. And she picked option number 1! 

So we headed to Jibby & Co. and there was a queue which was quite long I would said. Many people want to buka puasa there. Wrong timing T____T

In the end, we settled down in Chill's. The fastest way to get a table was to be seated at smoking area @.@ 

No choice. Hungry what! Hungry until no time to snap pictures of the meals. 

The birthday babe! 

Glad you enjoyed the dinner tonight xoxo

Can never miss a #selfie 

May all your wishes come true babe. 

Instead of me getting a present for her *i got her dinner that's all*, she bought a book for me to read. She said the book is good and the author is her favourite. 

Let's start reading. I might need to ditch my non fiction book that I'm currently hook with to start reading this book. You're lucky babe. Hahahaha 

Mitch Albom, let's see what's in your book! Toodles

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Colbie Caillat - Try

Life can be really unfair sometimes. I always believe no one is perfect and you have to always be grateful on what you have in life. Never compared with those who have everything, instead compared yourself to those who doesn't have anything or everything like you do, the unfortunate ones

GRATEFUL! The word that I always practice in my life.

Came across this inspirational music video from Colbie Caillat - Try. I did share this video in facebook.

This video actually inspire me somehow. I'm not a lady who always put on make up besides last time due to my occupation. Can't remember when was the last time I try to be someone else, faking my very own face with THICK make up.

I'm NOT saying that putting on make up is wrong. I'm a lady as well. Every ladies in the world of course want to be pretty and slim and hot. Those ideal look/weigh of a model.

Of course make up enhance your look hence boost your self confidence but don't try so hard until you actually forgotten how you really look like. Don't depend on make up that's all I'm saying. Always remember putting make up on your face so often will clog your pores and your complexion will become dull unless you really have good routine of facial. 

I'm just an average looking girl and I'm proud of my naked face :) And also thanks to the husband for reminding me that I'm beautiful almost everyday. Oh ya, did I mention he doesn't like me in make up? even light make up :S

 So yea ladies, love yourself and be yourself! :)  

Monday, July 21, 2014

Bring it on..

Hi! *waves hand* 

Have been procrastinating so much until I'm so so lazy to go for exercise. Indeed so unhealthy :(

So there's one fine day where I suddenly have the urge to go for a jog. URGE OH URGE, WHY NOW ONLY YOU COME??! Lol

The very next thing I did was put on my exercise attire and shoes and not forgetting my companion, iPhone headphone to bring the heat on! Yeah babeh. Lets do this! 

It was a good start. Never be afraid to start something new. Jogging wasn't new for me but it has been a decade since I jogged hehe :p 

Anyone up for badminton? :) 

Off to bed early. Tomorrow I have appointment with my dentist. Urgh.. You have no idea how much I hate visiting the dentist @.@  

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Eat till fat. Thanks to Jogoya!

I have no idea why I have mood swings and headache so much lately. Poor the husband for bearing all the nonsense with me. I'm truly sorry honey but thanks for everything. Love you the most! 

So yea buffet...

Haha buffet always makes people gain weight because everyone wants to make sure what he/she paid for is worth it :S feel like very kiasu like that. 

I brought Erwin to Jogoya last 3 weeks because we had a bet on our house renovation earlier this year and both of us lost. So he brought me to a 2hrs of thai massage and I got him a dinner treat at Jogoya. Sounds fair right? :) 

Knowing Kl will be always jam and never not jam, we left Subang around 1700hrs and indeed we stuck in the jam. Just great! Arghh. And I realize something, whenever I'm stuck in the jam with him, I don't get angry or agitated. The wonder of love lol 

With this chubby teddy.. What the heck I look so short :( thanks honey! 

Walked in to Jogoya at 1930hrs. Just nice the timing for dinner. 

Oh to those who doesn't know him, he really can eat. Like a dinasour :S 

Getting excited to eat as much as he can

And I'm the one who doesn't really eat buffet style because omg, I have such a small stomach and I don't wanna gain unnecessary weight :) *sure rugi if bring me for buffet* 

Eh I need to stay pretty and maintain what although I'm a married woman now. Need to maintain the value.. Ahahaha

The naked face. Don't remember when was the last time I put on some make up. 
Maybe because he doesn't like me in make up. Hmmm

Friday, July 18, 2014


Couldn't sleep well last night. Heard about the news of MH17. It's really heart breaking. I did share some tears before trying to go to bed. My deepest condolences to those who are affected, crew members, families members, relatives and friends. I understand what you all are going through. This is so sad. I may not know anyone on board but I have friends who are still flying and I have been praying that they are safe whenever they are. My husband is also a crew member with MAS. I always pray for his safe return.

So many images and news were share with me last night before heading to bed. Can't sleep well with everything running through the mind. Can't imagine the crew's family :( 

 Come on people, this is not MAS's fault. Please bear in mind before pointing fingers and blaming the wrong parties. Lets wait for the official statement from all official news broadcast. And please don't simply said things all over the social media. Please be considerate to those who are affected with this incident. No one wants this to happen. Stay strong and my prayers are with all of you. 

Please take note: this is what I personally feel. 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

She claimed she is old

I was supposed to be taking my shower now because am going over to my mom's place for lunch but I willing to sacrifice for this post. I'm such a great friend i know lol

Honestly, she is not old because she is THE SAME AGE as me! Haha. 


I have so much to say about her..too many actually. I will keep them for myself. But nevertheless, she is a great friend and most importantly she is a very sincere good friend of mine! :) 

We been through ups and downs ever since college time in Segi! Am more than grateful that we're still friends after taking different path of life especially when I left for singapore!

 A friend that I'll always cherish! Thanks for everything babe xoxo

I have to post this picture up because I know she likes this pic although I look ugly

See you on next tuesday! Will celebrate your post-birthday with you then.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Another wedding

Wah another wedding. There was one before ours and now, another one after ours. MAY JUNE JULY! Wedding season Haha. I'M PRETTY EXCITED TO BLOG ABOUT MY WEDDING BUT T____T TOO MANY PICTURES. It takes time. Will do it soon when I have more time alone with my blog. Be patience k!

Meanwhile, I attended *Erwin's batchmate and our neighbour* Kon & Jaime's wedding on the 12th July (a month after mine lol). They held their wedding dinner at Sime Darby Convention Centre @ Mont Kiara. I would say that the hall is really huge and it can accommodate many many people :) 

Sime Darby wedding packages are really affordable and basically everything is included. Actually, I have no idea how much are the packages :P but I know it's not that pricey until burn a hole in your pocket. 

However, wedding is a once in a lifetime event so if you really need to spend extra $$$ to make it grand/luxury/your fairytale wedding, I think it's still reasonable. Not until reasonable like a million dollar k.

We sat so near to the stage and VIP table! Wow, we're the VIP! Thanks Kon&Jaime! :D :D syok sendiri

Jon in blue! The one who was drunk that night lol

CH & SL. Their wedding was a month earlier than us.

No idea why I have rabbit teeth. Over excited smile I believe :D

My handsome man!

Jaslyn *CW's new gf! Welcome to the group babe*, yours truly & Siew Lee

Nah Jon, this is the proof that you gave Kon some lecturing and bla bla bla! HAHAHAHAHHA
Oh oh, in case you're too drunk to remember, yes you did drink with Kon. 

No picture with the bride and groom because they were busy so we didn't wanna disturb them :) 

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

The little bee

NO! This post isn't about bee..they are yellow and scary. 

But this bee is cute. Haha so kawai~ 

Anyways, I have this girlfriend whom I have known since college during my semester in Segi College. I was with Segi for only like 3 months. Haha. I always called her little bee because her surname is Bee and I'm not insulting her. She knows I love her and she loves me too. Awwwwwww

Yes, she was one of my ji mui(s) if you did read my previous post on my hen's night. 

Although we very seldom meet up, but of course we do talk in whatsapp and stuffs like that. I had an outing with her quite long ago and it was before the wedding for sure. 

We had a good dinner and movie! Good time! 

Let's meet up more often little bee :) Miss hanging out with you! 

And we need to camwhore more too!! 

Sunday, July 06, 2014

The last night..

Yeah the last night before I'm married. Haha funny how I actually am married since last December :p However, they only believe you're married after completing the Chinese wedding customs so yea. I had a hen's night with the people I love *not the husband* but the ji mui(s) and the sista

A huge thanks to those who plan this and also made it a successfully one! Big love to y'all! <3


 Before heading out :) Was excited!

Had dinner at Bangsar, had a chilling time at Labodega, Bangsar and the final destination ; Zouk KL! Zouk was a random plan...haha I know right...

With my lovely bride maids (2 of them couldn't make it) : Yuki, Cher Wei & my one and only sister!

It has been a while since I walked in to Zouk. So it was indeed a random one and off we went. Just the three of us :) 

Thanks babe!

To do list #1 : Snap a picture with a good looking guy

#2 : Get someone to buy me a drink. Thanks to the same guy above, he brought us 2 buckets of beer! *yays*

How fun can this be? Bumping into your younger bro in the club :S and also share some beer with him. haha

We played, we club-ed, we danced until it's time to stop  :D :D 

Before the fun night ended (which actually ended before because it was 6am lol), we camwhored like a b**** while waiting for the lift to bring us down to the basement. 

A decent one please :) 


The crazy ones!

I had a blast with those who made it for me for my hen's night. Thanks for the awesome night out!
It was not be a perfect one but I'm glad that they were there for me. You know who you are ;)

Only 3 of us knew what happen that night. It's a memories for us to cherish! Good times babes!

Friday, July 04, 2014

A housewife with a wedding gift

Wah, life is so good. I slept until 1400hrs almost everyday.  Am currently unemployed aka full time housewife at aged 24..I really think there will be people out there envy me as I don't need to wake up early and rush to work. However, everything has its pros and cons. I'm actually bored being at home because I don't have much hobbies *im a boring person*

Let me see..what are my hobbies.. Hmmm shopping, sleeping, reading, badminton which I seldom play nowadays, baking *just started actually lol* and THAT'S ALL!! Oh my.. That's boring I know. 

*brainstorming for new hobbies now* 

Actually, if there's a suitable and flexible jobs out there with good salary, of course I would like to contribute to the society but currently I don't see anything suitable for me. But nevertheless, I'm still keeping my options open and am searching around to see any interesting jobs out there. Any recommendation people? :)

Oh well. 

And I think I forgotten to share with you a wedding gift from a friend of mine ALL THE WAY FROM MELBOURNE :D :D 

It arrived few few few few days before the wedding day and I'm a happy child :) Thanks once again Joe! 

Wanna know what's inside? It's for me to know and for you to find out :P