Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Another wedding

Wah another wedding. There was one before ours and now, another one after ours. MAY JUNE JULY! Wedding season Haha. I'M PRETTY EXCITED TO BLOG ABOUT MY WEDDING BUT T____T TOO MANY PICTURES. It takes time. Will do it soon when I have more time alone with my blog. Be patience k!

Meanwhile, I attended *Erwin's batchmate and our neighbour* Kon & Jaime's wedding on the 12th July (a month after mine lol). They held their wedding dinner at Sime Darby Convention Centre @ Mont Kiara. I would say that the hall is really huge and it can accommodate many many people :) 

Sime Darby wedding packages are really affordable and basically everything is included. Actually, I have no idea how much are the packages :P but I know it's not that pricey until burn a hole in your pocket. 

However, wedding is a once in a lifetime event so if you really need to spend extra $$$ to make it grand/luxury/your fairytale wedding, I think it's still reasonable. Not until reasonable like a million dollar k.

We sat so near to the stage and VIP table! Wow, we're the VIP! Thanks Kon&Jaime! :D :D syok sendiri

Jon in blue! The one who was drunk that night lol

CH & SL. Their wedding was a month earlier than us.

No idea why I have rabbit teeth. Over excited smile I believe :D

My handsome man!

Jaslyn *CW's new gf! Welcome to the group babe*, yours truly & Siew Lee

Nah Jon, this is the proof that you gave Kon some lecturing and bla bla bla! HAHAHAHAHHA
Oh oh, in case you're too drunk to remember, yes you did drink with Kon. 

No picture with the bride and groom because they were busy so we didn't wanna disturb them :) 

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