Monday, July 21, 2014

Bring it on..

Hi! *waves hand* 

Have been procrastinating so much until I'm so so lazy to go for exercise. Indeed so unhealthy :(

So there's one fine day where I suddenly have the urge to go for a jog. URGE OH URGE, WHY NOW ONLY YOU COME??! Lol

The very next thing I did was put on my exercise attire and shoes and not forgetting my companion, iPhone headphone to bring the heat on! Yeah babeh. Lets do this! 

It was a good start. Never be afraid to start something new. Jogging wasn't new for me but it has been a decade since I jogged hehe :p 

Anyone up for badminton? :) 

Off to bed early. Tomorrow I have appointment with my dentist. Urgh.. You have no idea how much I hate visiting the dentist @.@  

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