Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Colbie Caillat - Try

Life can be really unfair sometimes. I always believe no one is perfect and you have to always be grateful on what you have in life. Never compared with those who have everything, instead compared yourself to those who doesn't have anything or everything like you do, the unfortunate ones

GRATEFUL! The word that I always practice in my life.

Came across this inspirational music video from Colbie Caillat - Try. I did share this video in facebook.

This video actually inspire me somehow. I'm not a lady who always put on make up besides last time due to my occupation. Can't remember when was the last time I try to be someone else, faking my very own face with THICK make up.

I'm NOT saying that putting on make up is wrong. I'm a lady as well. Every ladies in the world of course want to be pretty and slim and hot. Those ideal look/weigh of a model.

Of course make up enhance your look hence boost your self confidence but don't try so hard until you actually forgotten how you really look like. Don't depend on make up that's all I'm saying. Always remember putting make up on your face so often will clog your pores and your complexion will become dull unless you really have good routine of facial. 

I'm just an average looking girl and I'm proud of my naked face :) And also thanks to the husband for reminding me that I'm beautiful almost everyday. Oh ya, did I mention he doesn't like me in make up? even light make up :S

 So yea ladies, love yourself and be yourself! :)  

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