Friday, July 18, 2014


Couldn't sleep well last night. Heard about the news of MH17. It's really heart breaking. I did share some tears before trying to go to bed. My deepest condolences to those who are affected, crew members, families members, relatives and friends. I understand what you all are going through. This is so sad. I may not know anyone on board but I have friends who are still flying and I have been praying that they are safe whenever they are. My husband is also a crew member with MAS. I always pray for his safe return.

So many images and news were share with me last night before heading to bed. Can't sleep well with everything running through the mind. Can't imagine the crew's family :( 

 Come on people, this is not MAS's fault. Please bear in mind before pointing fingers and blaming the wrong parties. Lets wait for the official statement from all official news broadcast. And please don't simply said things all over the social media. Please be considerate to those who are affected with this incident. No one wants this to happen. Stay strong and my prayers are with all of you. 

Please take note: this is what I personally feel. 

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