Friday, July 25, 2014

She's even more beautiful

Last last night, had a date/post birthday celebration with my babe ; Cher Wei. In fact, I knew that before and on the actual day of her birthday, she will be occupied with all the birthday plans therefore I decided to only celebrate with her after that :) 

She has too many friends already that's why. She's friendly :) 

She picked me up *she likes doing that so I'll have to decide where to go. Unfair babe unfair lol* and off we went to the selected place. I gave her 3 options to chose from.

1. Jibby & Co. @ Empire 
2. Delicious @ Sunway 
3. Alexis @ The Gardens *we crossed this out because it's too far* 

So in the end, she only have 2 options. And she picked option number 1! 

So we headed to Jibby & Co. and there was a queue which was quite long I would said. Many people want to buka puasa there. Wrong timing T____T

In the end, we settled down in Chill's. The fastest way to get a table was to be seated at smoking area @.@ 

No choice. Hungry what! Hungry until no time to snap pictures of the meals. 

The birthday babe! 

Glad you enjoyed the dinner tonight xoxo

Can never miss a #selfie 

May all your wishes come true babe. 

Instead of me getting a present for her *i got her dinner that's all*, she bought a book for me to read. She said the book is good and the author is her favourite. 

Let's start reading. I might need to ditch my non fiction book that I'm currently hook with to start reading this book. You're lucky babe. Hahahaha 

Mitch Albom, let's see what's in your book! Toodles

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