Sunday, July 06, 2014

The last night..

Yeah the last night before I'm married. Haha funny how I actually am married since last December :p However, they only believe you're married after completing the Chinese wedding customs so yea. I had a hen's night with the people I love *not the husband* but the ji mui(s) and the sista

A huge thanks to those who plan this and also made it a successfully one! Big love to y'all! <3


 Before heading out :) Was excited!

Had dinner at Bangsar, had a chilling time at Labodega, Bangsar and the final destination ; Zouk KL! Zouk was a random plan...haha I know right...

With my lovely bride maids (2 of them couldn't make it) : Yuki, Cher Wei & my one and only sister!

It has been a while since I walked in to Zouk. So it was indeed a random one and off we went. Just the three of us :) 

Thanks babe!

To do list #1 : Snap a picture with a good looking guy

#2 : Get someone to buy me a drink. Thanks to the same guy above, he brought us 2 buckets of beer! *yays*

How fun can this be? Bumping into your younger bro in the club :S and also share some beer with him. haha

We played, we club-ed, we danced until it's time to stop  :D :D 

Before the fun night ended (which actually ended before because it was 6am lol), we camwhored like a b**** while waiting for the lift to bring us down to the basement. 

A decent one please :) 


The crazy ones!

I had a blast with those who made it for me for my hen's night. Thanks for the awesome night out!
It was not be a perfect one but I'm glad that they were there for me. You know who you are ;)

Only 3 of us knew what happen that night. It's a memories for us to cherish! Good times babes!

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