Sunday, August 03, 2014

R.O.M part 2..errr?

Excited anot I post about my ROM? Haha. Actually if you've been following me, I did blog a short and direct post for my ROM before. You may read it here 

Anyways, this post will definitely be a longer one with more pictures. So you better stay and read up k! Don't make all my effort goes down the drain! 

Happily, our ROM was held on 8th December 2013. Wow time flies. I'm officially married for 7 months already :) 

Immediate family members and close friends were there to witness this joyful day with us. Thanks to those who were there to share this special day. We're truly blessed to have all of you guys!

My bouquet that day! Nice anot?! 

#selfie with crocked smile lol

After the beautiful and long ceremony at the temple, we held a lunch gathering for our guests. Thank you to those who came and dropped by. I'm glad you all helped to eat as much food as possible. Hahah..but in the end, I still have lots of lefover :|

The big bully! 

Sorry kuma, I'm married now. You have to get someone to kiss you already :) this was our last kiss!

The summary picture which I stole it from Carmen's Facebook.

Oh my god, some of my batchmates came as well.. All the way from kl, cheras, Shah Alam and bla bla bla.. So happy to see them! 


Hello bitches!

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