Sunday, November 30, 2014

Marriage season..

So many wedding everywhere..literally everywhere lol. Guess it's like the best time to get married during the school holidays where most relatives are able to attend such a joyful event. Happy marriage to those are getting married ya :)

So yea, I tagged along with my mom to attend one of my dad's relatives son's wedding *my dad has so many relatives and I don't even know who is who* Huge family! 

 It was held in Renaissance Hotel Kuala Lumpur. Such a pretty hotel. Me likey 

And I just got to know on that day that the groom is actually my cousin -.- Funny but true! I need a family tree hahaah

With the aunties on my table :)

With my pretty looking mom :) 

Yours truly. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Forgetting about it


I've decided that I will not continuing my Florida trip post anymore. Too much pictures and it's taking up a lot of my free time. Ya although I have lots of free time but I've been cutting my number of hours on the lappy/iPad or whatsoever electronics due to lately I realize I'll get headache by looking at electronics for some times :/ 

Not to worry, everything is fine. Maybe is just that I'm lacking of sleep and I'm feeling tired by half of the day *I'm already sleepy when I'm writing this lol*

Nevertheless, I'll not stop writing here because this blog has been with me for almost 8years *what??so long already ah?* and its only semi-dead *not fully so yays* 


Till then, I'll be back!