Sunday, December 21, 2014

Another wedding. Oh

Happy moments when any of your relatives is getting married. Like I said before *yes I did*, so many wedding around the corner but this wedding that I attended was 7 weeks ago *forgotten when so I checked my Instagram picture lol* 

Pregnancy brain *oh yeah I'm currently pregnant* Happiness! 

So lets get back to the wedding. It was a Malay wedding. One of my relatives was the groom, I believe he is my cousin? Or uncle? Or I-also-not-very-sure *My dad has so many relatives so yes, I'm lost* 

Big family huh. 

The wedding was held in a hall in Kelana Jaya. So happy to see so many familiar faces although I wasnt sure who is who :0

Pictures shall do the talking :) 

Spot me spot me!! Group picture with the lovely bride and groom :D 

Baby Megann. Sho cuteeeeee! *pinch her cheeks* 

She was unintentionally sitting on my baby *poor my baby lol* 

With Sri Ayu, my niece! *ya I think so is niece* T____T 

With Ammar *crazy tall fella*, Pearl, yours truly and Vincent the big bully 

After the wedding, Vincent and I dropped by Main Place because I was hungry and we wanted to have sushi. Lol random 

Candid! :| 

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