Monday, December 29, 2014

Oh lights and more lights

Faster faster post out all the 2014 posts before 2015. Kiasu much?!

Christmas decorations are always one of the best decoration around the malls. Since sister was back and I'm basically enjoying my life now being unemployed, we visited few malls together with mom just to snap pictures of the Christmas decorations :) 

Awkward smile! :S 

 Hello there bunny! Thanks for the present 

Your truly with her baby bump :) ;) 

Everyone knows which mall is this right? 

Grandma was around in kl for 2 weeks so we brought her as well.


Next stop, Pavilion. Heard some said pavilion has one of the best Christmas decoration. True anot?? 

think this is the best picture of me with my baby bump. Seldom snap picture because ever since I got pregnant, I don't look as good as before. Blame the hormones :3 

Happy plus jakun sister

OMG why my arm looks so huge here? T___T 


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