Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The one that lasts


Have you ever spend some time reading back your past posts? 

I did! 

Ever since I start reading back those old posts, I'm amazed on how much have I changed and also how many people you're used to be close with ended now being a strangers.. *everyone does go through what am I going through now* 

Circle of life. 

Once you get older, I believe the way you see things or the way you want to see things are different now. People always said mature is wise. True enough :) 

I'm not saying that I'm old *im only 24 mind you* but I know that once you reach a certain age, your perception towards something/everything change. 

Moreover, the lifestyle you're leading also eventually will change or maybe not depending on individual. I'm facing those changes now. Not complaining but I'm truly grateful that I'm in that stage of life with the people I love.

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