Thursday, March 05, 2015

Still feeling it..

Ever since that incident until now, I still think about him and feeling the pain of losing. It feels like I have lost a part of me.  Trying to be strong and putting everything in the past aren't easy but I have to. I know I have to but sometimes I feel that I don't want it to be the past. I want him to be the present and will always be mine. It hurts. 

Many things have changed ever since. I'm not being myself and I know I'm so moody and I get angry more often ever since. 

It feels like why does this happen to me instead of others. I always question why me why me why me. And sometimes why him why him why him. 

I know God has plans for us but it doesn't feel right to take away someone who belongs to me.

Ya ya maybe he doesn't belongs to me. I have been hearing that so damn many times but I just wonder why! 

If only I knew...

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