Sunday, April 26, 2015

I'm so bored...

And I have nothing to do at home plus i'm pretty lazy to do anything. Hahaha. Still looking for inspirations to start blogging again.

Don't have the urge to blog nowadays. Feeling very dull and too occupied with work.
Thought of resigning and live my life as a full time housewife, can go for high tea and shopping any time I want :P

Till then! Happy Sunday..Tomorrow have to go work already @.@ 

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Moving forward

Like the title said, moving forward. Life goes on no matter what. 

So since we can't celebrate CNY this year, we decided to have a getaway to Bali. We departed on the eve of CNY so we missed the reunion dinner :/ We were in Bali for only 3days due to the tight schedule of work

At MAS lounge since we took business class :)

Flight time was short. Approximately 3 hrs and it was a smooth flight.

Our hotel located in Seminyak, the not so busy city compared to Kuta. We just wanna have a relaxing holiday after everything happened. I was still in the confinement period so I can't swim, drink cold drinks and many more. I was in a strict confinement for a month but my hubby's grandma advised me to go up to 100days and I did. Better to be safe than sorry

@IZE Seminyak Hotel, just along the happening seminyak road :)

We enjoyed their local cuisine especially the babi guling *roasted pork* It was good according to the hubby. 

Went for massage everyday we were there. So cheap and relaxing :D 

Walking along the Seminyak road

Tried their local kuih. Something like pan cake that's what they called it 

Nasi Padang!

Next day, we went for a tour around Ubud and Seminyak area. Hired a driver for pretty cheap cost and the driver was really friendly.

Little shy monkey @.@

At the beach yo! 

Quite an expensive dinner

Our last breakfast while waiting for our driver to drive us to the airport. I need more massage!!

I look so bloated by then. All the water retention! Ugh :(