Saturday, May 09, 2015

Hello mummy..

A very Happy Mother's Day to all mother out there. Please spend this special day with your mom even tough you're so occupied with work or with other matters. Because come to think of it, you won't be here in earth able to breath the same air as I did because of your mom. 

Mothers are so noble because I know. It's not easy being a mother unless you became one. Trust me, I KNOW!! 

When I was younger, I never imagine how tough it has to be a mother until recently. Try imagine carrying you in her womb for 9 months, taking care of you since you're born and until now no matter how old you are and love you unconditionally. Not an easy task. Try to become a mother and tell me being a mother is easy, I'll shoot you. If it's easy for ya then good for you. 

Nothing beats mothers' love. Please appreciate your parents. 

Mothers will always be mothers. They always tried their very best to provide their children the very best they could. Of course, parenthood wasn't easy :/ 

Happy mummy day, my dearest mother! Loves

Bear in mind that when you're getting older, your parents are growing older as well. Spend more time with your parents, show them you cared about them and take care of them while you're still able to do so. Time really flies! 

I believe most mothers don't fancy luxury gifts or expensive lunch/dinner, they just want their children to be well and healthy. 

Because if I could, I would exchange my luxury gifts to have my son with me. Miss you! 

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