Monday, May 25, 2015

Just one night

Birthday parties was never my thing. I seldom held parties because I feel it's a hassle and pretty tiring occasion to held lol.  I'm a lazy kind of person so that's the main reason why ;/ 

My man's birthday was few days ago..Since he isn't a fan of parties just like me (yays), so I decided to book a hotel room and bring him out for a good meal. Just a simple birthday celebration. However, poor him as he was on duty on his actual birthday so we celebrated it earlier. 

I booked a room for a night in Concorde Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. It was our first time there. My initial plan was to book a room at a hotel that have good buffet dinner. Then it strikes me that it's a waste for me to go for buffet as I don't eat much although I know he can eat ALOT :S 

So Concorde it is. Located pretty 10minutes walk to KLCC. Not bad la right? Hahaha

Checked in around 2.30pm. Had lunch at Hard Rock cafe because it's just beside the hotel. Lazy wanna drive out and think what and where to eat. Hate to decide what to eat. Sigh 

Fried Battered Fish with garlic butter rice that I don't really find appetising :(

Chicken Masala with rice

Our bed! We slept in after lunch and woke up around 1830hrs to get ready to go for dinner nearby which is of course KLCC. So kiasu, we drove to KLCC whereas it's so near that we can even walk.

Then some more have to pay for parking which costed us RM10!! But my reasoning was, maybe we ended up going shopping and we have lots of bags to carry. Hahaha IN THE END, WE CAME BACK EMPTY HANDED ;DDDDD

How come I look so chubby here? Must be the angle of the phone :/ *self proclaimed* 

We checked out after breakfast the following day because we couldn't have good sleep the night before. I put all the blame to the hotel bed! :( 

Went back to our home sweet home and took a good nap. Our super king sized bed is the best bed ever!!

Although we didn't really do much on that day but it feels good to be away from home once in a while and just spend some quality time together with him :) 

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