Monday, August 24, 2015

Ice-cream cake? No?

Don't ya get excited about birthday? I know I do 

When we were little, we always get sponge cake as birthday cake whenever whoever birthday right. Thanks God to technology and modernity *got such word wan meh? lol*, now we have another choice of cake ; ice cream cake! Oh my, ever since I gotten my 1st ice cream cake as birthday cake on my like 19th or 20th (actually I don't really remember), I never turn back to normal sponge cake :) 

Haha ice cream cake rocks babeh *peace* 

I usually buy BR and/or Haagen Dazs cake but this time Baker's Cottage for the father in law's birthday. It doesn't taste any near like BR or Haagen Dazs cake but of course the price is cheaper. 

The reason we got him ice cream cake because mother in law asked us not to purchase any heavy cake and basically, what cake is not heavy? You tell me! Then when we got this cake, she said it's ice cream and it's too cold -.-" 

So hard to please old people! LOL 

Only picture of the cake. No family picture cause I shy :P 

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