Monday, October 26, 2015

Double A's wedding

Double A's wedding. 1st thing that come to my mind about the word ; Double A is the A4 paper LOL 

Perhaps I'm just being lame. Oh well. Anyways I said Double A is because the groom and bride's name starts from the alphabet A. Avex and Adelyn :) They are one of the sweetest couple that I know! So much love around them. 

Avex's is my beloved cousin brother who so happened to be my photographer for my wedding itself. He is such a good photographer and I really like his works as he really put in a lot of effort into snapping previous moments * Nope, I don't get any commission for promoting him btw* 

Ahhh I can see quite a number of upcoming weddings this year and next year. However, the next upcoming month which is November, I have to excuse myself from attending 2 weddings due to the dates of the wedding itself as it's approaching my due dates. So sorry ya Jess & Wyzek & also Fredrick and his wife :( *Fredrick is a cousin to Erwin so most probably he will still be attending with or without me* Boo! 

Back to the Double A's wedding. 

It was held in Holiday Inn Melaka as both of them are from Melaka. I tell the journey from Subang to Melaka is pretty long for me..try to imagine me with big baby bump and the the back pain T____T I felt the journey was like...err...3 freaking hours!  

Checked into a deluxe room with the hubby. My room was a connecting room to my mom's.

And it costed us only RM280. Hahah damn cheap. Because of the wedding guest hotel rates. I checked the normal rate for the same day and it was rm340 the cheapest from Agoda :/ 

They had their ROM an hour before the wedding dinner. But I missed it as I was resting in my room due to fatigue and back pain from sitting down the whole journey to melaka. Eh I did apologise to the bride and groom before the ROM was held :) 

One of the benefits of being pregnant LOL *Nobody will scold a pregnant lady right?* 

Their wedding agenda was pretty interesting. 

Registration of marriage - 5pm 
Tea ceremony including photography and cocktail session - 6pm
Dinner starts - 7pm 

I missed 2 out of 3 event that day :/  But hey at least give me credit for attending the wedding dinner hehehehehe :P 

The background :)  So sweet! 

With hubby and little baby bump 

With the 2 pretty cousins all the way from Singapore. The last time I saw them was at my wedding which was a year plus ago :/ 

An incomplete family portrait. However, we have a new family member :) :) Little Baby T  

Ladies. L-R : Aunty Teresa, Vivian, Vicky, Aunty Susan, Sis, Berline & Adeline. Mom and yours truly sitting down like a queen :)

Touch my baby bump for good luck huh berline? Haha should have charge you!

With the bride and groom. First time wearing flats to a wedding dinner. Don't remember when was the last time I wore heels. Don't think I know how to walk in heels anymore

Wishing you both eternal love and happy marriage. Hurry up, make babies so my baby has cousins to play with hehe :P

Okay, beep beep. It's time for my short nap. Pregnant lady is tired :( Good night!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

They betting on...

My mom always taught us not to play bet involving money because it'll become a habit when we grow older. So to make it fun, we sometimes bet on food. Losers will buy lunch or dinner, winner gets to choose where to dine but of course with a budget :P 

So recently the hubby and my mom had a bet the gender of my little baby in my stomach *yes, i'm pregnant again* And boom, the hubby won the bet. It's like finally he managed to get to eat crabs which is one of his favourite food. I wonder why. 

I don't fancy crabs as much as he does. Or maybe is just the changes of pregnancy tastebuds? 

So we had our crabby dinner at The Crab Factory @ SS2. Heard about that place but haven't been there so we decided to give it a try and see how was it

Me and my puffy face together with the hubby of course :) 

Mom looked so exhausted :( Must be the lack of sleep T____T 

Crabs came in a bag...

It was so spicy and I basically only ate like...2 small piece of crab meats. Boo pregnancy tastebuds. I can't take spicy foods nowadays :( Somehow I lost my identity lol


Hmm it was basically pricey and not filling. I don't see myself going back there again. But hey, it's just my personal opinion. You can give it a try if you want to

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Full moon

Hello Hello! 

Welcome October. It's only 2 more months to one of my fav month ; Dec! Yay, its' not because of christmas, which I don't celebrate but it's because it's SALE AND IT MEANS SHOPPING TIME! :) :) winks winks 

Who doesn't love shopping spree?? Boo you! 


recently I attended one of my cousin's baby's 100th days celebration. Baby Jayden is his name. We had a full moon party for him exactly a month after he was born. Somehow there's another 100th days celebration that I didn't even know it exists. Heard it was Jayden's father's culture as his family is from Sibu. Anyone knows about this culture thingy? I'm just curious 

Part of the decoration. I called it Tororo which was obvsiouly wrong. Totoro is it *smacks head*

Found this in pinterest and I thinks it looks so cute! 
Perfect for a baby boy's full moon :) 

Nowadays, modern parents really don't mind spending more on full moon celebration e.g. all the decorations and stuff. I not sure whether am I gonna be one of them but we shall see how then :/ 

The accompany as the hubby couldn't make it. As usual..blame it on work :(