Monday, October 26, 2015

Double A's wedding

Double A's wedding. 1st thing that come to my mind about the word ; Double A is the A4 paper LOL 

Perhaps I'm just being lame. Oh well. Anyways I said Double A is because the groom and bride's name starts from the alphabet A. Avex and Adelyn :) They are one of the sweetest couple that I know! So much love around them. 

Avex's is my beloved cousin brother who so happened to be my photographer for my wedding itself. He is such a good photographer and I really like his works as he really put in a lot of effort into snapping previous moments * Nope, I don't get any commission for promoting him btw* 

Ahhh I can see quite a number of upcoming weddings this year and next year. However, the next upcoming month which is November, I have to excuse myself from attending 2 weddings due to the dates of the wedding itself as it's approaching my due dates. So sorry ya Jess & Wyzek & also Fredrick and his wife :( *Fredrick is a cousin to Erwin so most probably he will still be attending with or without me* Boo! 

Back to the Double A's wedding. 

It was held in Holiday Inn Melaka as both of them are from Melaka. I tell the journey from Subang to Melaka is pretty long for me..try to imagine me with big baby bump and the the back pain T____T I felt the journey was like...err...3 freaking hours!  

Checked into a deluxe room with the hubby. My room was a connecting room to my mom's.

And it costed us only RM280. Hahah damn cheap. Because of the wedding guest hotel rates. I checked the normal rate for the same day and it was rm340 the cheapest from Agoda :/ 

They had their ROM an hour before the wedding dinner. But I missed it as I was resting in my room due to fatigue and back pain from sitting down the whole journey to melaka. Eh I did apologise to the bride and groom before the ROM was held :) 

One of the benefits of being pregnant LOL *Nobody will scold a pregnant lady right?* 

Their wedding agenda was pretty interesting. 

Registration of marriage - 5pm 
Tea ceremony including photography and cocktail session - 6pm
Dinner starts - 7pm 

I missed 2 out of 3 event that day :/  But hey at least give me credit for attending the wedding dinner hehehehehe :P 

The background :)  So sweet! 

With hubby and little baby bump 

With the 2 pretty cousins all the way from Singapore. The last time I saw them was at my wedding which was a year plus ago :/ 

An incomplete family portrait. However, we have a new family member :) :) Little Baby T  

Ladies. L-R : Aunty Teresa, Vivian, Vicky, Aunty Susan, Sis, Berline & Adeline. Mom and yours truly sitting down like a queen :)

Touch my baby bump for good luck huh berline? Haha should have charge you!

With the bride and groom. First time wearing flats to a wedding dinner. Don't remember when was the last time I wore heels. Don't think I know how to walk in heels anymore

Wishing you both eternal love and happy marriage. Hurry up, make babies so my baby has cousins to play with hehe :P

Okay, beep beep. It's time for my short nap. Pregnant lady is tired :( Good night!

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