Sunday, October 04, 2015

Full moon

Hello Hello! 

Welcome October. It's only 2 more months to one of my fav month ; Dec! Yay, its' not because of christmas, which I don't celebrate but it's because it's SALE AND IT MEANS SHOPPING TIME! :) :) winks winks 

Who doesn't love shopping spree?? Boo you! 


recently I attended one of my cousin's baby's 100th days celebration. Baby Jayden is his name. We had a full moon party for him exactly a month after he was born. Somehow there's another 100th days celebration that I didn't even know it exists. Heard it was Jayden's father's culture as his family is from Sibu. Anyone knows about this culture thingy? I'm just curious 

Part of the decoration. I called it Tororo which was obvsiouly wrong. Totoro is it *smacks head*

Found this in pinterest and I thinks it looks so cute! 
Perfect for a baby boy's full moon :) 

Nowadays, modern parents really don't mind spending more on full moon celebration e.g. all the decorations and stuff. I not sure whether am I gonna be one of them but we shall see how then :/ 

The accompany as the hubby couldn't make it. As usual..blame it on work :( 

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