Thursday, December 29, 2016


Spending time over coffee and cakes are like one of the best things to do with your besties :)

Just a short catch up and it felt good to see my bestie are doing good :D 

Friends are important. But choose wisely and be friend with the ones who does make a difference in your life. I'm randomly feeling glad to have them as my bestie :D :D 

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Just because...

Yea just random because I feel this is important :

Happiness is the main key to everything :) Flaunt that perfect smile of yours and be happy always! 


p/s - Picture courtesy of Mr.Google

Friday, December 23, 2016

Sissy day

Seriously once I've became a mother, I don't have much time to hang out as often as before. It's not that I don't want or don't feel like going out but leaving my baby boy back at home initially is something a new mother (me) can't handle yet. The separation anxiety T___T 

However, as babyT grows up, I freaking realise (I know right after so long) that I need some time alone all by myself because hey, being a stay at home mom is challenging okay?! Bear in mind, I don't have a maid but my mom do drop by and help me out occasionally :) Super glad for that. 

Thank you mom! 

So I went out hang out with my beloved sister on one of the weekend at Sunway Pyramid. Basically more like accompanying my sister to go shopping. She was the one who needed to spend money lol 

Now you know why I'm addressed as piggyvic *oink oink*

HAHAHA no doubt that I looked like the younger sis here instead of her :) :) 

Agree with me? No?! Yes? 

Thursday, December 22, 2016


Just wanna rant!

I'm feeling like a big time loser and feeling so crappy because my baby boy is sick T___T 

Knowing I'm the one who he needs the most right now but I can't be there for him due to some circumstances. 

He is currently at my mom's place whereas I'm back at home alone. 


I miss him and I want to be beside him :( :(

But I CAN'T!


Get well soon my dear son! I'll see you real soon *hugs*

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Knowing this and that..

It's end of the year already. Time to repent if you haven't and learn to be grateful y'all :)


Friday, December 16, 2016

Lovely boy

Haihhh it's almost end of the month already. I'm trying my very best (haha it seems so) to post out everything before starting the new year :) 

I can't believe that I actually do have like many drafts in here which I haven't post yet. What happen to me? *putting on busy face*  


The smile on your face lets me know that you need me :P 

And dear babyT, can you please gain more weight and be a michelin baby? Teehee ~

*Taken when he was 7 months old :)*

Have a good weekend everyone! 

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Yea..that's right

Randomly posting something out just because..

True enough! 

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Hitched yo!


It was so long about 5-6 months after I delivered babyT :P 

Waiseh! So longgggggg ~ 

Anyways, this is a post about me attending a wedding dinner in KL. Nothing special about it LOL 

My very 1st time attending a buffet style wedding dinner. Back then I was strict about my diet because wanna lose all the pregnancy weight bla bla so I didn't enjoy the food as much as my hubby did

With the men and a boy :P 

Toasting from all the MAS tech crew. It was a long yam seng

With the lovely bride and groom. 

My lifetime date :) So much love for this fella here! loves

Excuse me for wearing sandals instead of heels!

The famous Malaysia skycraper  

Saturday, October 08, 2016

Hello great grandma :)

Was back in melaka about a month ago. Just a short trip to see my grandpa who isn't feeling well. And since I'm so free so yea off we go :) 

So nice my life..can go anywhere whenever I want to lolol 
But don't envy me ya people. Stay at home mom is like that one..Quite lifeless I would say :P HAHAHAHA 


Top and bottom - Forever21 

Hello fringe

A happy little boy with a green ball :)

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Road trip excluded Penang

Super duper outdated post hehe

How's everyone's Raya celebration? Mine was full with love because we went for a 4 days road trip up north (when everyone was saying it will be jam/heavy traffic bla bla bla

Surprisingly IT A SMOOTH RIDE ALL THE WAY UP AND DOWN TOO! Told ya, I'm one lucky women :P 

It was also our 1st trip with babyT. We wanted to go somewhere internationally with flight but we're afraid that we couldn't get tickets since it was the festive season. 

So our 1st stop was Gopeng

The yummy Gopeng Hor Fun was our stop for teatime. Hubby likes to eat them (but it was just okay for me ;O )

And we had to wait for them to get ready with all the preparation :/ 


While waiting. BabyT doesn't like waiting huh (look at his facial expression lol)

Next stop was Ipoh. We stayed a night at hubby's relative's house. We skipped dinner as babyT was so sleepy at that time and he just slept all the way until the next morning. 

Next day, we had the somehow famous Ipoh DimSum. The famous one was just across the one we had and it was massive long queue :/  

Foh San DimSum Restaurant. It was pretty packed too 

BabyT took a nap before going our for lunch. What to do. He is a baby and what he does best are sleeping eating drinking milk and poo  HAHAHAHAH

Lunch at BigFootTree before leaving Ipoh for Taiping. 

After 45minutes drive and babyT sleeping all the way, we finally arrived in Taiping yays. 

Just a flower tree in front of hubby's grandma's house. So pretty in pink  

And that was the only picture I took in Taiping haha

Too busy layan-ing the relatives and looking out for BabyT :o

No, this is taking too much of my time (I need to feed babyT soon). Next post with be about Penang :)

See ya then!

Saturday, October 01, 2016

Good day people!

Blogging mojo GONE at the moment!


The smile on your face makes me..go awwwwww ~ *melted heart*

Have a good day people! I know I will because this little boy :)  

But I'll be back for sure. Wait for me! 

Friday, August 26, 2016

Farewell buddy

This year I feel that I've been to quite a number of farewell (to be exact only 2 so far haha). As everyone grow older, we grow apart too..This is life isn't? 

Recently, we just had a small farewell party for this girl, Carmen (she is the one who always plan our reunion/gathering.WHO GONNA PLAN NEXT WHEN YOU'RE LEAVING? T____T)

See, rely on people some more. Now who is the next gathering planner? 

Anyways, she will be leaving to Boston for her further studies (the time i posted it up, she is already there lol) Master yo! Don't play play! Hehe 

So we had a small steamboat dinner and drinking session at her place. So near to my house only. Of course have to attend wtf 

To be honest, of course I want to be there for her farewell because she said she won't be coming back for the next 3 years? We gonna be like 29years old already if she is coming back after that. So old :( 

Just a small cake for her :) 

She doesn't look drunk when snapping pictures. Without the camera, she was technically drunk and she started to talk crap HAHAHAH 

My bae *hearts*

And we were super sober that night! Boo 

The gang since 2007 :) So much love for this people! 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Gold mask..LIKE FOR REAL?

Recently, I came across a facial mask from I usually shop there and always end up buying stuffs just because of the review (I should stop doing that). 

So here is another victim of mine lol : 

The PioLang 24K Gold Wrapping mask 

If you ask me real gold ah, I really don't know how to answer you honestly. 

But as they claimed it's made from REAL GOLD (so maybe we can extract them and sell to earn some $$$ haha)

Does it looks like real gold to you? I dislike the smell of this mask because I personally find it too strong and  my nose hurts whenever I inhale it from a distance T___T 

Now I wonder whether do I have sensitive nose..

So far I only used (experiment) it once and I didn't feel any changes on my face. Obviously, all facial products need to be used multiple times then only can see the result. 

Perhaps I should continue using it and wait for my skin to be better (not that my face is bad) 

Sunday, August 07, 2016

Lips lips lips *pouts*

Another beauty post. Haha. I came across this website ; which so happen to sells cosmetic products (woohoo hand in the air). The usual me was like ; come lets see what do they have there but I don't need anything by right. 



One fine day, I'm sure I'll go broke just because of this nonsense and implusive buying attitude :'(  

But these lips products make me feel better after buying them because I like the colour! I think them looks great on me :) (sorry no pictures)

I opt for Yadah korea brand (although I haven't try them) is because their products are made of natural and low chemical ingredients *yays*  

Not always online shopping has bad experience. This is like the 1827392362 times where I'm happy with my online purchase.

Oh did I mention that these 3 lips products only costed me ONLY rm49?! Yea that's right. They were having their anniversary promotion back then! Super cheap I tell you!!

Thanks Hermo! :D Hope to shop with you soon again (more cheap promotion pretty please)


Thursday, August 04, 2016

Blessed birthday :D

17th July 1990 was the year a baby girl was born into this wonderful world. Not knowing who was this baby girl, somehow fate brought us together and I so happen to meet her *sounds so cheesy haha*

This bubbly girl so happen to be one of a close friend of mine since college days. Segi college days. I was with this sad college Segi for only a semester and off I went down to Merlion Land *Singapore if you don't know*

It has been 7years into knowing her and yet we're still doing just fine even though we don't always meet up (She is the busy one, super super extremely workaholic) But she was there (and will be there) on most occasion where I needed her to be and vice versa :) 

A great friend she is :) 

Truly blessed to have this babe in my life! 

Wishing you the very best of luck with everything in Singapore :) 
Knowing you that you gonna be working compulsively but do remember what's the most important thing in life! Health, Happiness then only comes Career!  

Friday, July 29, 2016

When she is around..

*super duper excited face*


Wohoo! *hands in the air* 

Her whole family were back in KL for about a month (I think)?! They flew back all the way from Melbourne :) I can't tell you how excited I was to see all of them because it has been ages since the last time I met them *let me count the number of years. I think it was 5?* Time flies eh!

So one of the night, my sis and I brought Megan to Marini's on 57th for a drink. It was my 1st time there as well. I damn noob and outdated when come to everything related to drinking T__T  

Aunty ma! wth 

L:R ; Megan, me me me, my sister and her beloved bf named Clement 

I look horrible standing beside them. They look so pretty and I look damn aunty *self proclaimed* :( 

Lil bee was there too! 2nd round for us lol 

The whole group. Everyone is in the picture! Well done sis! 

Marin's on 57th was the 1st round because they close at 1.30am! SAY WHAT? So early close? REALLY? T____T 

Then we headed to TREC because at that time it seemed like it was the best choice. Mind you, it was a Wednesday night. Please don't ask me to tell you how was the crowd on a weds night. 

It was damn pathetic. Sad case dot com. PERIOD!

No, we didn't go to Zouk.

So we ended in some Mango pub or something like that *like wtf face can*

Nevertheless, we did have some fun after all. That's what matter most :)

Yup, that's right

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Should i emo?

Title not even related. NOOB me!

Sometimes, I do feel that I don't have many friends around me or I only learn to appreciate my close friends lol. In fact (not being perasan), I actually do have many friends but just that I don't really meet them up that often. I had been thinking a lot lately and I realized that I'm not the one who take the initiative to msg my friends, " hey come lets meet up" or "hey, wanna catch a movie together" or whatsoever just to meet up.

Although I don't make that initiative to meet up, deep down in my heart I do appreciate all my friends (yeah, all my friends). Maybe I shall try to change myself and learn to make the initiative to meet up my friends

Oh well, this is not an emo post so no worries :)


Life is short.
Good night readers! Have a good sleep :) 

Friday, July 22, 2016

Party what?

I tell you, this is so worth it to blog HAHAHAH because I went clubbing after ... 2 years?! I KNOW RIGHT. DAMN LONG! Haha

Hello Friday! 

Yeap, I was once a party freak. Of course party freak when you're single and available. Don't have the necessity to report this report that. Damn annoying @.@ 

Nevertheless, it doesn't mean that one has to stop clubbing just because one is married and have a baby (Ya, I'm talking about myself lol)

But yes, I went to ZOUK! Mine 1st time there, the new (huge) zouk I mean. I was there for my girlfriend's farewell party. She was surprised that I was able to make it that night. HAHAH! Good job me for surprising her

Anyways, she will be leaving to SG for better job opportunity hence I'm so happy for her so have to attend her farewell. No choice *joke*

She is one of my besties. Of course I have to party with her before she leaves :) 

The ladies *my party kakis* ; Cher Wei, my sis, your truly and Emma (whom i just met) ;)  

We did the honour of the 1st round :0 


That night was crazy but a memorable one :) Thanks for a great night!

So when is the next round? (Hopefully soon)

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Mom's day

Good night everyone.


After both parent's day only I gonna publish a mother's day post (super outdated right).
Anyways, hubby wasn't around during mother's day so I celebrated it with my family members. 
We visited the "overrated" Naughty's Nuri in SS15 Courtyard. I claimed it overrated because I'm sure their indonesian food won't be as good as the ones you can get in Indonesia. 

I've been to Bali and their local food was really good. No joke. Especially their babi guling :)

Just some food picture below : 

Yea, it was quite noisy hence the facial expression of his @.@

All of us with babyT sleeping T____T WHY YOU NO AWAKE TO TAKE PIC??

Then come back home awake. Damn wrong timing right? 

#bootd (baby outfit of the day :)) )

I suddenly feel like everyone is growing apart from each others. Everyone Well, not everyone but some of my friends are leaving to other places for good. Wishing them the very best in everything :D