Wednesday, January 27, 2016



I tell you, it's really super hectic having a little one at home without a maid or helper. My mom did occasionally come over and help out because I want to be independent by taking care of babyT and the house chores by myself. 

Funny thing is that I really enjoy motherhood and being a housewife although I always complain how tired am I or lack of sleep. 

Being a housewife isn't easy. So to those who are working and being envy about me being a housewife, I suggest you not to :P

Additional to taking care of babyT and house chores, I need to squeeze in time for expressing milk too. I usually express milk every 3-3.5 hours so that I can maintain or *hopefully increase* my milk supply :) 

Bear in mind, some mothers said that you have to sleep when your baby sleeps. How to sleep when your breast is full and sore?! Not forgetting leaking some more T____T 

For me, I can do whatever I want to do when babyT is sleeping..Like now, I can blog. Haha 

My breastfeeding journey was exciting because I was pretty upset that initially my milk supply was so little and the milk only started to kick in after 1 week from delivery. 

So babyT was on mixed feeding of breastmilk and formula milk from birth until 1 week old. I was feeling disappointed because I wanted to exclusively breastfeed him although I had c-section but I guess sometimes you don't get to do what you wanted to.  

Yays! Once my milk started to kick in, my milk supply was really good. Sufficient to feed him and also store up some. Now my freezer is full with my milk and nothing else :) 

My 1st storage bags was Phillips Avent. I really like this bag but it's pretty pricey for something that can only be used once. So I went online and explore my alternatives, I bought 3 different brands so the sake of trying them out. 

Jingle Jungle, Autumnz and HoneySuckle. 

I'm surprisingly okay with all 3 brands but I decided to stick to Autumnz because it's the cheapest wan *sounds so cheapskate but the plastic materials is the thickest among all okayyyyy*

Okay, gonna go do some pumping! Milk pumping I mean :P 

Thursday, January 07, 2016

Exciting 2016

 Hey there 2016! Welcome welcome! I'm looking forward to the very exciting year of the monkey because I have a little baby at home :) :) 

Hello hello motherhood! 


BabyT was born on the 13th November 2015. So my 2016 will be all about motherhood and babyT. 

How fun. I like being a mom despite all the fatigue-ness and lack of sleep and also the body change after labour :/. 

Haha. Funny but true ._.