Friday, February 05, 2016

Late birthday..Not mine

Hubby and babyT are asleep now as I'm writing this while pumping my milk. Kinda odd timing to pump milk but oh well, I want like to maintain my supply that's why *I sacrifice my sleep for this* 

So noble! Hahaha

Anyways, I just turned 26 a week ago *will blog about it later* but jenny kuma just turned 25 about 2 months ago *so noob* :p 

She had her birthday dinner at Vintry, Jaya33 and I was invited of course duh :) 

Hubby was my plus one that day and it was like our off day *few hours only* from taking care of babyT. 

Parenthood isn't easy, mind you! 

Yours truly who looked like still pregnant with the gorgeous birthday girl Jenny Kuma <3 

Kisses! Oh my oh my, look at my flabby and fat arms T_____T *cries* 

 Chocolate molten cake with vanilla ice cream. Finished my confinement already so I basically like wanna eat everything I could  ahahah 

Gonna be a fat pig wei..but then I'm breastfeeding so I'll always crave for something to eat *excuses I know :(* 

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