Sunday, February 21, 2016

Full moon

The whole month of confinement babyT and I were at home most of the time unless we need too visit the hospital for vaccination and follow up. Confinement period was OMG >.<  Try imagine staying in for a month? 

But it was my resting period as well cause I had c-section and my mom plus hubby were the main people who take care of babyT and cook for me. Felt so much love despite being in pain from c-section lol 

Oh anyways..

BabyT's full moon was supposed to be on the 13th of Dec, however, I discussed with the hubby and we decided to dragged it all the way till the 31st Dec *new year eve, I know* because we're afraid babyT was too young to be exposed to everyone. Overprotective parents lol 

Since it was held on the 31st, we weren't expecting everyone to be present but we're glad that our relatives and close friends were able to make it. We plus babyT really appreciate your attendance.

Thanks for coming y'all :) 

Lil boy flew back all the way from TheStates just to see babyT for 3 weeks. Such a lucky baby :)

Wah sei! Look at my strong *ahem ahem* arms 


Mummy, why the balloon so huge? :( 

Thanks for coming everyone! <3 nbsp="" p="">

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