Friday, March 25, 2016

Year of the monkey

Welcoming the year of the monkey with an additional family member. It was different but delightful to celebrate cny with a baby. Enjoyed shopping for his clothes, dressing him up and snapping pictures of him. 

However, Taiping was reallyyyyyyyy HOT! OMfG, I tell you, I basically sweating like a pig! Ugh

US! *loves loves loves*

All the 4th generation :)

Super happy great grandparents :) 

Family photo but missing out Sharon jie jie :/ 

Dinner for the night..Didn't get to eat much because I was pretty occupied looking around for babyT. 
Everyone carried him then started to pass around...Sigh! @.@ 

Wah sei! So many people!!! 

Managed to gamble when babyT was sleeping. 

But after that suddenly got loud fireworks, hubby and I ran upstairs to check on him afraid that it might be too loud for him. But but but.... he really sleep like a baby :D :D 

Post pregnancy ootd shot *fatty me ;'(* 

Round 2. They played in between whereas I was taking care of babyT.

Having baby sure missed out all the fun but I'm happy to be beside him all the time<3 nbsp="" p="">

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Older a year with babyT

This year I celebrated my birthday in style yo because of babyT! Not really style la..just special with him :) 

Went up to genting for a night with hubby, babyT and mom. We wanted to give babyT to experience the cold air..Of course genting air is different from air cond. Natural air okayyyyy

Luckily the crowd wasn't that good and it's so boring over there now due to the construction. Most of the shops in first world were closed @.@ 

Mom was the one who spent most of her time in the casino but we're just walking around the mall, chilling at starbucks, feeding babyT, changing his diapers and pumping milk in the hotel room >.< 

CNY decorations were up already! 

Oh and we camwhore too :P 

Got myself a baskin robbins full ice cream cake with both of my favour's choice of ice cream :) 
Lucky me = happy me 
Hello babyT, where were you looking at? 

Family photo! <3 nbsp="" p="">

Next morning, had so called brunch at Coffee Bean while waiting for the big brother to arrived. 

Just the two of us while babyT is in the room with my mom  

Pressie! Bath&BodyWorks Toiletries set, Charles&Keith BucketBag and a bag of chocolate from the family members :) :) *I like my hair here :p*

Not forgetting, I get free lunch too :P Yums

Thank you for celebrating my birthday with me you people!Much loves *blow kisses*

Tuesday, March 08, 2016


Recently, I've been unhappy and stress up because of babyT. Sigh *I have to eat ice-cream to recover wei*

This is because lately he didn't drink as much as he used to. And I have no clue on what's going on or how is he feeling. Funny thing is that he is the same but just that during feeding, he doesn't want to finish him milk. He will cry when I continue feeding him the balance *we usually feed him half then burp him then continue*

I'm sad because I took so much time and effort to pump my milk but in the end, it went down to the drain T___T I know I know, motherhood isn't easy.

I tried so many method already..Changing the teat of the bottle, feeding position and whatever you can think of but still... *sobs sobs*

Any mother experiencing this too?? Help me! He only started this new behaviour when he was about 3 months old :/

Of course, I was worried too so I brought him to the clinic but doctor just ask me to monitor him. She said as long as he is drinking and he doesn't have fever then thats fine.

REALLY AH??? -.-"

In the end, I just tell myself this :Nvm, he is going through a phrase of growing up and he will be fine. As long as he drinks milk then that's okay

Motherhood isn't easy! SERIOUSLY! >.<

Friday, March 04, 2016

Date date date

One quick post. 

This year Valentine's Day was different for me because I celebrated it with my boyf (BabyT) :P 
Hubby was working so I took this chance to celebrated with babyT. Next time when he grows up already, I'm sure he won't want to celebrate it with me T____T 

Anyways, we had accompany too, sis and mom tagged along as we needed to get big brother 's birthday pressie. It's very difficult to buy gift for guys, what more my brother who is into branded items *wallet burst* 

But we didn't have any idea on what to get for him so we just decided to give him cash and allow him to buy whatever he wants. Sounds so insincere but oh well :P 

Lunchie pictures : 

This is goooooooood  *thumbs up* 
Now I know where to get bacon carbonara already :) Cant recall the restaurant's name but I definitely will recognise it when I see it

Big breakfast for lunch. Not too bad :)

Hello there, my cheeky naughty lover!