Friday, March 04, 2016

Date date date

One quick post. 

This year Valentine's Day was different for me because I celebrated it with my boyf (BabyT) :P 
Hubby was working so I took this chance to celebrated with babyT. Next time when he grows up already, I'm sure he won't want to celebrate it with me T____T 

Anyways, we had accompany too, sis and mom tagged along as we needed to get big brother 's birthday pressie. It's very difficult to buy gift for guys, what more my brother who is into branded items *wallet burst* 

But we didn't have any idea on what to get for him so we just decided to give him cash and allow him to buy whatever he wants. Sounds so insincere but oh well :P 

Lunchie pictures : 

This is goooooooood  *thumbs up* 
Now I know where to get bacon carbonara already :) Cant recall the restaurant's name but I definitely will recognise it when I see it

Big breakfast for lunch. Not too bad :)

Hello there, my cheeky naughty lover!

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