Saturday, March 12, 2016

Older a year with babyT

This year I celebrated my birthday in style yo because of babyT! Not really style la..just special with him :) 

Went up to genting for a night with hubby, babyT and mom. We wanted to give babyT to experience the cold air..Of course genting air is different from air cond. Natural air okayyyyy

Luckily the crowd wasn't that good and it's so boring over there now due to the construction. Most of the shops in first world were closed @.@ 

Mom was the one who spent most of her time in the casino but we're just walking around the mall, chilling at starbucks, feeding babyT, changing his diapers and pumping milk in the hotel room >.< 

CNY decorations were up already! 

Oh and we camwhore too :P 

Got myself a baskin robbins full ice cream cake with both of my favour's choice of ice cream :) 
Lucky me = happy me 
Hello babyT, where were you looking at? 

Family photo! <3 nbsp="" p="">

Next morning, had so called brunch at Coffee Bean while waiting for the big brother to arrived. 

Just the two of us while babyT is in the room with my mom  

Pressie! Bath&BodyWorks Toiletries set, Charles&Keith BucketBag and a bag of chocolate from the family members :) :) *I like my hair here :p*

Not forgetting, I get free lunch too :P Yums

Thank you for celebrating my birthday with me you people!Much loves *blow kisses*

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