Tuesday, March 08, 2016


Recently, I've been unhappy and stress up because of babyT. Sigh *I have to eat ice-cream to recover wei*

This is because lately he didn't drink as much as he used to. And I have no clue on what's going on or how is he feeling. Funny thing is that he is the same but just that during feeding, he doesn't want to finish him milk. He will cry when I continue feeding him the balance *we usually feed him half then burp him then continue*

I'm sad because I took so much time and effort to pump my milk but in the end, it went down to the drain T___T I know I know, motherhood isn't easy.

I tried so many method already..Changing the teat of the bottle, feeding position and whatever you can think of but still... *sobs sobs*

Any mother experiencing this too?? Help me! He only started this new behaviour when he was about 3 months old :/

Of course, I was worried too so I brought him to the clinic but doctor just ask me to monitor him. She said as long as he is drinking and he doesn't have fever then thats fine.

REALLY AH??? -.-"

In the end, I just tell myself this :Nvm, he is going through a phrase of growing up and he will be fine. As long as he drinks milk then that's okay

Motherhood isn't easy! SERIOUSLY! >.<

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