Friday, March 25, 2016

Year of the monkey

Welcoming the year of the monkey with an additional family member. It was different but delightful to celebrate cny with a baby. Enjoyed shopping for his clothes, dressing him up and snapping pictures of him. 

However, Taiping was reallyyyyyyyy HOT! OMfG, I tell you, I basically sweating like a pig! Ugh

US! *loves loves loves*

All the 4th generation :)

Super happy great grandparents :) 

Family photo but missing out Sharon jie jie :/ 

Dinner for the night..Didn't get to eat much because I was pretty occupied looking around for babyT. 
Everyone carried him then started to pass around...Sigh! @.@ 

Wah sei! So many people!!! 

Managed to gamble when babyT was sleeping. 

But after that suddenly got loud fireworks, hubby and I ran upstairs to check on him afraid that it might be too loud for him. But but but.... he really sleep like a baby :D :D 

Post pregnancy ootd shot *fatty me ;'(* 

Round 2. They played in between whereas I was taking care of babyT.

Having baby sure missed out all the fun but I'm happy to be beside him all the time<3 nbsp="" p="">

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