Wednesday, April 13, 2016


This was an outdated post but still wanna post it out lol

I have to admit that I've might felt like I'm undergoing depression *not so serious la* because lately I broke down quite number of times @.@

BabyT is currently having running nose and cough with phlegm. Of course I felt guilty that he is having those as I feel that I should have taken better care of him.

Is not that I didn't take good care of him. Is just that I feel like I've fail as a mother. A good one :(

I tell you..seriously no joke taking care of flu and cough babies. It's not easy. Very difficult I would say.

He doesn't want to drink milk *I stress about it*, keeps on crying with loud pitch and very restless. Oh and not forgetting he is very manja too which I find it quite cute but troublesome as I need to carry him most of the time T____T

Thanks god, I have a very patient hubby who is able to handle him when I'm down :)

All is good now. Thank you! 

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