Saturday, April 16, 2016

Last wedding before I popped

Oh well hello! :D 

So so many drafts lol...I always thought I would have some free time all by myself so that I do my own things such as blogging instead of house chores :P I really don't have the time to do so T___T 

BabyT is in the stage of playing and taking short naps during the noon hence my time is occupied spending with him and also sleeping. Tired ma

Lets just say priority :) 

Anyways, I was happily attended a friend's wedding a week before I popped. Initially I wanted to just stay in so that if anything happen *touch wood* maybe earlier delivery *cough cough*, I can be at home and nearer to the hospital instead of KL. 

Thanks god everything was good. Attended the wedding with a blue dress with my huge baby bump and happily eating all the food I could get :P 

With babyT inside his fat mummy's stomach :D

With the girls 

Happy marriage you both! Quickly get a little one :P 

With the pretty E-laine, she was my best friend when I was younger and she is the bride's sister.

Just for fun hehehe

Group picture from Facebook. Thanks for the pic Sue!

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