Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Have you thought about this?

Just feeling random today lalalalala ~ 

People tend to forget this very easy question. 

Yes, this very simple question. Have you thought about it when you woke up this morning? What was on your mind the first thing when you opened your eyes when your alarm rang (I off my alarm this morning and went back to sleep, boo)

Take a silent moment and think about it. It's a simple yet meaningful question. 

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Small but will go big

Good night everyone. WAIT! Let me post this short one out before heading to dreamland :) 

Have you ever heard of this word ; EMOTIPOT? *confused*

I know I didn't until a friend of mine share it with me. It's actually a mini cactus. Damn small. Really small *trust me when I said really small lol* 

Due to curiosity and I wanted to help a friend out, I got myself 2 emotipot to place it at home just for the fun of it HAHAH 

Seemed like I'm damn free to take care of plants when I don't even have time to shower lol 

*Don't judge me 1st*

Because this small creature is damn easy to take care of. They only need to be watered like 1-2 times a month by soaking them in a bowl of water for 10 minutes! I repeat, A MONTH! So easy right? 

After soaking them, just place them under the sun for an hour to prevent moss from growing. As easy as 1 2 3 :)

Look, so tiny! So cuteee but they do grow as time goes by. I think they look so much cuter if they just stay this small hehe

A rock flower and a tulip! 

Interested to get one? 

Do visit their instagram @ or Facebook :) 


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Pretty pink please

You know the recent famous korean drama titled : Descendant of The Sun featuring the cute-good looking Song Joong-Ki and beauty flawless Song Hye-Kyo. Then you know what drama I'm talking about :) 

It was a romantic korean drama where most girls go gaga over the main actor Mr.Song Joong Ki as Captain Yoo Si-Jin aka Big Boss in that drama. Indeed he is good looking but a little bit too cute for me HAHAHAHA. I prefer someone who is good looking but manly kind :P *Not all the muscle muscle guys okay, they scared the hell out of me T__T*

If you haven't watch the drama, go watch it since it was pretty good AND also if you wanna see Captain Yoo Si-Jin.  

Spoiler alert : 

So is he good looking enough for you??

Okay right *thumb up* 

Anyways since this post is about korean stuffs, I wanna share about my recent online purchase from Althea Korea. They sell all kind of korean beauty products all the way from Korea *I know right! Shopping time* 

But of course buying it directly at korea is definitely cheaper compared to online shopping but with Althea, it's still cheaper than going to the store in KL. I was thinking of visiting korea again soon. Hopefully! Anyone wanna tag along? :D 

I gonna list down what did I purchase from Althea Korea :

However, some items I have yet to give them a try. It's still in the pretty pink package HAHA *I'm that lazy to remove it*  Excuse me, no time! 

1. Laneige Sleeping Mask 
*Many review said it's really goooooood* Let's see :?

2. 24K Gold Wrapping Mask

3. CP1 - Protein Silk Ampoule 

4.  Raspberry Hair Vinegar 
*So far I've been using it thrice and it does make my hair softer and smoother*

5. CP1 - Protein Clinic - Ceramide Treatment 

6. Free Gift - Some pink water thingy 

Yays! They come with free gift in the box. Who doesn't like free stuff? Wohooo ~ 

I like their pink box the most! So cute and because it's pink in colour 
*but hmm I don't fancy Hello Kitty* 

Weird but not weird? You tell me! 

Friday, June 17, 2016

Friendship on the ship

Friends friends friends. One of the group of people whom I appreciate dearly regardless the length of friendship but of course, I tend to appreciate my friends whom I knew since 13? *Damn, I'm feeling old now*

Met up with some of them for dinner couple days back because one of us was back from Japan and SG. Short dinner to catch up on things.

L:R ; Jenny Kuma, Carmen, Jean, Han Jia, Simon, Linda & FAT me :) 

The ladies excluding Jean. Where were you? 

Simon, your beer belly! Lol 

The always young and cute looking Linda. The last I saw her was form5 which is like errr...9 years ago?!! *Aiyo I just reveal my age, didn't I? :0

See you again Linda *hopefully soon* in SG! Take care and be safe over there! Hugs

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Last day and 3rd day

Hubby is currently out watching movie with friends while babyT is sleeping soundly like a baby (duh) and I'm here writing about my 3rd day and final day in Adelaide *I'm sleepy hence the short and direct boring post* Forgive me :/

The last day of our short random trip..It was disappointed that couldn't stay longer because I like the weather there but I'm also happy to be back home. I miss babyT like crazy..literally crazy! @.@

So anyways,

Day 3 was just a chilling and relaxing day.. We visited the Adelaide's famous central market. Just look see look see. Didn't buy any fruits back because my fridge still has some. 

The fruits over there is so much cheaper even after conversion and they are fresher than the ones in kl. Boo ya! 

Day 3 #ootd 

We also went to see whats in Harvey Norman because currently they are having sale. So we just enter the shop and see is there anything cheap that we would need back home. But there's nothing interesting besides this : 

So small and cute. But quite waste of money if buy it just for that reason :/

Good night Adelaide. Till then we shall meet again! 

Told ya, short and direct post because I'm so exhausted from motherhood especially today where babyT seemed to be more fussy. Arghh! 

Let's hope for a better day starting tomorrow onwards *finger crossed* 

Good night dearest readers! Have a good sleep and sleep well

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

I need more of this...

Argghhhh! My whole body aches T____T What to do, I'm a stay at home mom so basically I do everything from house chores to taking care of babyT but I don't really do cooking lol


But hor..come to think of it, stay at home mom or housewife will be the one working 24/7 365 days T___T 

Better not complain anymore. PERIOD! 

Finally after like err..2 months from my last massage, I'm managed to squeeze some alone time for myself and I decided to go for a massage session at HeathLand Taipan :)   

The massage was so so only fyi! But couldn't complain much with the price I paid. 

And happy anniversary my love! Hehe 

Thursday, June 02, 2016

Day 2..

FIRSTLY, HELLO HELLO THE MONTH OF JUNE! *time flies like crazy*

Here comes the Day 2 of my Adelaide trip.. Like finally..I know right :0 

Since it was a short and unplanned trip, we woke up whenever we have enough sleep and we just do whatever we want randomly. No plan or anything else. Free and easy yo 

Woke up pretty late on Day 2 so we skipped breakfast and straight to lunch. Lunch was happily ever after because amazingly we managed to dine at Jaime's Italian Kitchen without any reservation or booking. Just walk in and it was located so conveniently within 3 minutes walk from our hotel :)  

See my happy-just-woke-up-naked face
And my face looks good wheenver I'm in a winter country. Seriously

Oh hello handsome *loves* 

Guess what? We spent our day at the zoo because we just feel like it :) And we didn't go to the famous Glenelg beach or/and Cleland Wild Park. It was pretty far away by public transportation so yea. Adelaide Zoo is fine for us :D 

I'll follow you ~ 

Oh we walked along the Adelaide Botanic Garden too since it was nearly the zoo. The weather was prefect for outdoor activities like this. I like! 

Wanna be ChunLi! Look at my hair! So crazy and I have massive hard time fixing it after that T___T 

Before we ended our day, we went for a stroll along Rundle Mall Street and did some shopping plus food shopping for our fridge back home!

It was productive *at least for me lol* Till then, the 3rd day of our trip!

And a BIG HELLO *waves* to Deanna because she told me to keep my blog updated!
*blow kisses to her*