Sunday, June 12, 2016

Last day and 3rd day

Hubby is currently out watching movie with friends while babyT is sleeping soundly like a baby (duh) and I'm here writing about my 3rd day and final day in Adelaide *I'm sleepy hence the short and direct boring post* Forgive me :/

The last day of our short random trip..It was disappointed that couldn't stay longer because I like the weather there but I'm also happy to be back home. I miss babyT like crazy..literally crazy! @.@

So anyways,

Day 3 was just a chilling and relaxing day.. We visited the Adelaide's famous central market. Just look see look see. Didn't buy any fruits back because my fridge still has some. 

The fruits over there is so much cheaper even after conversion and they are fresher than the ones in kl. Boo ya! 

Day 3 #ootd 

We also went to see whats in Harvey Norman because currently they are having sale. So we just enter the shop and see is there anything cheap that we would need back home. But there's nothing interesting besides this : 

So small and cute. But quite waste of money if buy it just for that reason :/

Good night Adelaide. Till then we shall meet again! 

Told ya, short and direct post because I'm so exhausted from motherhood especially today where babyT seemed to be more fussy. Arghh! 

Let's hope for a better day starting tomorrow onwards *finger crossed* 

Good night dearest readers! Have a good sleep and sleep well

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