Saturday, July 09, 2016

Maybe me maybe not

Being a stay at home mom makes me doubt myself as a mother sometimes. Sometimes there are thoughts that just happen to appear in your mind. 

So I gonna list down what are my random thoughts or/and maybe truths as a stay at home mom. It may differ from other moms so don't compare. Please and thank you! 

#1. Yays! It's bed time 

Hell yeah. There are times when I'm so happy that the day has ended and little babyT is asleep until the next morning. But shit, after tucking myself to bed every time, I was like oh no, tomorrow it gonna be the same routine all over AGAIN @.@ 

#2. I wish I go to work 

Of course it does cross my mind about going back to work from being home with all the crazy house chores, preparing meals for babyT and most important taking care of babyT, it's hell tiring *duh* 

Going back to work is like a bonus because you're able more money for the family but nevertheless, you can't have both successfully ; career and family. 

So yea. PERIOD 

#3. Thanks god, I'm so glad I'm here 

No doubt that after all the shitty and tiring day, when your little bundle looks at you and smile or just laugh at you for no particular reason, all the tiredness and everything else just flew out the window. Those are the special moments where you just want to stay at mom and be with them 24/7 although you don't even have time to even take your long good shower hahaha 

#4. I'm a supermom?! 

Everyone thinks that stay at home mom is supermom and they are super awesome, I tell you, indeed we're way more than awesome although we always complained about..basically everything BECAUSE WE DO EVERYTHING lol 

Supermom is a word where I think it's overrated because I personally think not everyone can be one. I don't even think I'm qualified as one :( although the hubby convinced what I'm actually better than a supermom *so sweet I know*

#5. What?! Didn't I just clean that area a while ago? 

Yup that's right. We clean the same place like..twice or even more all over again @.@ Messy rooms are the place that will be messy for maybe years? until the kids know how to tidy up themselves! 

#6. Unfortunately I don't have time for myself. 

Forget about putting facial mask, taking long shower, putting conditioner on your hair, applying nail polish or even taking a peaceful long nap! 

I'm not saying that I don't have time to do even one. I did some of the above but in a rush and I don't like it at all *try imagine you're washing your hair then suddenly your baby cries* @.@ 

Yeah sorry TMI but I ran downstairs with my hair full with shampoo and myself with just towel and with the aircond downstairs. Unfortunately, I caught a cold right after that T___T

So how to put conditioner when I don't even have enough time to shampoo my hair? 

#7. Maybe it's not for me

I'm sure every parents will have doubts about whether are they doing good job at this parenting thing. Not everyone is born naturally to be a good father or mother. Parent instincts do kick in somehow later or never depending on individuals *mine was during pregnancy, lucky me*

As a stay at home mom, I do tend to worry about doing everything RIGHT. PERFECTLY RIGHT. I may worry too much about whether did I do the wrong way or maybe I'm just not the one to do such things. Doubts all over.


it's so draining to be a stay at home mom but it's all worth it because being around 24/7 with your little bundle of joy is all about helping them grow and creating lasting memories :D 

So please appreciate your mom who has been a stay at home mom ever since you're born into his wonderful world!


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