Friday, July 22, 2016

Party what?

I tell you, this is so worth it to blog HAHAHAH because I went clubbing after ... 2 years?! I KNOW RIGHT. DAMN LONG! Haha

Hello Friday! 

Yeap, I was once a party freak. Of course party freak when you're single and available. Don't have the necessity to report this report that. Damn annoying @.@ 

Nevertheless, it doesn't mean that one has to stop clubbing just because one is married and have a baby (Ya, I'm talking about myself lol)

But yes, I went to ZOUK! Mine 1st time there, the new (huge) zouk I mean. I was there for my girlfriend's farewell party. She was surprised that I was able to make it that night. HAHAH! Good job me for surprising her

Anyways, she will be leaving to SG for better job opportunity hence I'm so happy for her so have to attend her farewell. No choice *joke*

She is one of my besties. Of course I have to party with her before she leaves :) 

The ladies *my party kakis* ; Cher Wei, my sis, your truly and Emma (whom i just met) ;)  

We did the honour of the 1st round :0 


That night was crazy but a memorable one :) Thanks for a great night!

So when is the next round? (Hopefully soon)

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