Friday, July 29, 2016

When she is around..

*super duper excited face*


Wohoo! *hands in the air* 

Her whole family were back in KL for about a month (I think)?! They flew back all the way from Melbourne :) I can't tell you how excited I was to see all of them because it has been ages since the last time I met them *let me count the number of years. I think it was 5?* Time flies eh!

So one of the night, my sis and I brought Megan to Marini's on 57th for a drink. It was my 1st time there as well. I damn noob and outdated when come to everything related to drinking T__T  

Aunty ma! wth 

L:R ; Megan, me me me, my sister and her beloved bf named Clement 

I look horrible standing beside them. They look so pretty and I look damn aunty *self proclaimed* :( 

Lil bee was there too! 2nd round for us lol 

The whole group. Everyone is in the picture! Well done sis! 

Marin's on 57th was the 1st round because they close at 1.30am! SAY WHAT? So early close? REALLY? T____T 

Then we headed to TREC because at that time it seemed like it was the best choice. Mind you, it was a Wednesday night. Please don't ask me to tell you how was the crowd on a weds night. 

It was damn pathetic. Sad case dot com. PERIOD!

No, we didn't go to Zouk.

So we ended in some Mango pub or something like that *like wtf face can*

Nevertheless, we did have some fun after all. That's what matter most :)

Yup, that's right

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