Friday, August 26, 2016

Farewell buddy

This year I feel that I've been to quite a number of farewell (to be exact only 2 so far haha). As everyone grow older, we grow apart too..This is life isn't? 

Recently, we just had a small farewell party for this girl, Carmen (she is the one who always plan our reunion/gathering.WHO GONNA PLAN NEXT WHEN YOU'RE LEAVING? T____T)

See, rely on people some more. Now who is the next gathering planner? 

Anyways, she will be leaving to Boston for her further studies (the time i posted it up, she is already there lol) Master yo! Don't play play! Hehe 

So we had a small steamboat dinner and drinking session at her place. So near to my house only. Of course have to attend wtf 

To be honest, of course I want to be there for her farewell because she said she won't be coming back for the next 3 years? We gonna be like 29years old already if she is coming back after that. So old :( 

Just a small cake for her :) 

She doesn't look drunk when snapping pictures. Without the camera, she was technically drunk and she started to talk crap HAHAHAH 

My bae *hearts*

And we were super sober that night! Boo 

The gang since 2007 :) So much love for this people! 

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