Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Gold mask..LIKE FOR REAL?

Recently, I came across a facial mask from I usually shop there and always end up buying stuffs just because of the review (I should stop doing that). 

So here is another victim of mine lol : 

The PioLang 24K Gold Wrapping mask 

If you ask me real gold ah, I really don't know how to answer you honestly. 

But as they claimed it's made from REAL GOLD (so maybe we can extract them and sell to earn some $$$ haha)

Does it looks like real gold to you? I dislike the smell of this mask because I personally find it too strong and  my nose hurts whenever I inhale it from a distance T___T 

Now I wonder whether do I have sensitive nose..

So far I only used (experiment) it once and I didn't feel any changes on my face. Obviously, all facial products need to be used multiple times then only can see the result. 

Perhaps I should continue using it and wait for my skin to be better (not that my face is bad) 

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