Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Road trip excluded Penang

Super duper outdated post hehe

How's everyone's Raya celebration? Mine was full with love because we went for a 4 days road trip up north (when everyone was saying it will be jam/heavy traffic bla bla bla

Surprisingly IT A SMOOTH RIDE ALL THE WAY UP AND DOWN TOO! Told ya, I'm one lucky women :P 

It was also our 1st trip with babyT. We wanted to go somewhere internationally with flight but we're afraid that we couldn't get tickets since it was the festive season. 

So our 1st stop was Gopeng

The yummy Gopeng Hor Fun was our stop for teatime. Hubby likes to eat them (but it was just okay for me ;O )

And we had to wait for them to get ready with all the preparation :/ 


While waiting. BabyT doesn't like waiting huh (look at his facial expression lol)

Next stop was Ipoh. We stayed a night at hubby's relative's house. We skipped dinner as babyT was so sleepy at that time and he just slept all the way until the next morning. 

Next day, we had the somehow famous Ipoh DimSum. The famous one was just across the one we had and it was massive long queue :/  

Foh San DimSum Restaurant. It was pretty packed too 

BabyT took a nap before going our for lunch. What to do. He is a baby and what he does best are sleeping eating drinking milk and poo  HAHAHAHAH

Lunch at BigFootTree before leaving Ipoh for Taiping. 

After 45minutes drive and babyT sleeping all the way, we finally arrived in Taiping yays. 

Just a flower tree in front of hubby's grandma's house. So pretty in pink  

And that was the only picture I took in Taiping haha

Too busy layan-ing the relatives and looking out for BabyT :o

No, this is taking too much of my time (I need to feed babyT soon). Next post with be about Penang :)

See ya then!

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