Friday, February 29, 2008

Jay & 200 pounds beauty.

Went to Kelana Jaya Klinik Kesihatan in SS6 for my NS check up in the morning.
Im totally healthy for NS.
I went for x-ray as well. 1st time took it :D
And, i tell you ah, the goverment klinik/hospital is totally suck lor.
Very the stupid i tell you.
Today will be my 1st and last time i step into goverment klinik or hospital!!


Trevor went to Jay's concert last week and he took some pics!
He very lucky lor cause he get the VIP seat for free wei.
Here are some pics he took :

Currently just finish watching 200 pounds beauty.
Im outdated lor.
The movie is nice & kinda emo =/

p/s - i got something new in my hse. wanna know? wait till my nxt post ya :)

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Genting & Tagged!

(Genting trip with AH & WC ON 26TH-28TH Feb)

Ken Yee was supposed to tag along but ended up he couldnt make it.
So left me with Aun Hoong & Wai Chun!

Day 1

Woke up at 5am in the morning. Hell i know it's freaking early. fuyooooooooooh
AH said wanna catch the 8am bus.
So his mom picked me up at 6am and head off to Subang ktm. Thanks uuuuuu, aunty!
Reaches KL Sentral around 7am. Chill awhile & have MCD for breakfast.
Bought ticket for the 8am bus and reached Genting at 9.10am.
Get number to check in. Our number was 228.
Quite long dint go Genting already.
My last visit was 2 day before SPM :DDDD

Since the number is still looooooong way more, we went to play at Outdoor Theme Park.
Thanks god. Not many people at all.
But for your info, Thaipusam gone wild.
That words was teached by AH due to too many india fella at the theme park.
ewwwwwww ~ OMG man. Seriously alot lor, i tell you!

i miss high school.

my stuffies

Outdoor Theme Park :



We played the merry-go-round as WC wanna play it =.="
Then, we camwhored too!

poser!! :P

We sat the eye on Genting Outdoor Theme Park.

so colourful hor?!

WC & AH played this :

Meanwhile, i helped them to hold their bags as im lazy to play.
Get back to the hotel lobby to check what is the number now.
Moreover, the queue is still long. We decided to play the indoor theme park.
We actually bought the bus ticket+ skyway+ all park unlimited ride for only rm42 :)

Now we sat the eye on indoor theme park :

Each one of us took 1 gondola.

WC love to camwhore too.

The view from up there :

Get back to the lobby.
Since it's gonna be our turn already so we sat down and chilled.
Heard jay's song from WC's phone.
Lucky we managed to check in around 1.25pm.
Had maggi mee for lunch & relax ourself awhile.
Later, off we go to outdoor again.

We played Antique Car :

Seriously, it was my first time.
I dont really play this kinda of slow moving games.
Very not as fun as sitting roller-coaster lor.
During the ride, we all camwhored again!
Looks at all the poser ya!

We sat the Mini Train as well.
It was my suggestion.
First time again =/ aiks!

In the train only got 3 of use wei & we sat at most end one.

It's Jumbo the elephant turn :

Was tiring playing almost the whole day.
Get to the room and have a short nap before dinner.

We had dinner at Old Town Kopitiam.

ice-cream toast & cold white coffee is my dinner! yum ~

We sat this thingy to pass our time as our movie is at 11.30pm.

Also my 1st time wei.
Kinda noob right but i dont think so lor. hah!

Played bumper car too.
Was unlucky for me because i was the only girl during my round.
Sadly, i got bullied by around 17 guys there
Keeps on banging my bumper car.
That's the reason why i got 2 blue black on my leg lor!
By the way, i also somehow kena scold by this stupid small boy b'cause of ter-bang his bumper car! wth!
Told AH & WC abt it and we all go bully him back! lalalalalala ~

Finally, we watched :


It was my 3rd time whereas 2nd time for WC & 1st time for AH.
boo at AH, people :)

Get back to hotel after movie.
Had a chit-chat session and also watched tv.
We planned to stay awake till 6.30am so we can go for buffet breakfast.
Then, WC knocked out. nooB la he.
Me & AH watched Urban Legend & The Island until 6.00am.
Mana tau, 10mins before 6.30am, AH pulak knocked out!! aiyo. wasted lor!
I was like swt la. Nvm la, i get to bed at 6.35am & missed our breakfast.

Day 2

WC woke us up at 12pm.
That fella ar. doink doink one la. aiyo
Sudahlah we sleep late early in the morning
He pulak wake us up! ish =/
And keeps complaining damn boring.

Nth much happen on the 2nd day as we played everything already.
Just wandering around First World.
AH brought us to Twins Tower in First World Plaza :)
Damn lame lor.
Lazy wanna take pics!
We had dinner at MaryBrowns :)

Day 3

Woke up at 9am.
Went for buffet breakfast in my pyjamas with AH.
Head back to hotel, watched movie & prepared ourself and check out.
Took skyway down & took the 12pm bus back to KL Sentral.

Although it's quite tiring but i did enjoyed myself :)

Got tagged by Jenny Kuma. Here it goes :

5 things you love about yourself:

1. able to have a great family & friends
2. my BIG eyes :)
3. my not-small-not big legs
4. am a good drinker
5. love to forget & forgive people, i guess?

5 things you don't love about yourself:

1. lazy sometimes
2. not smart enough
3. mood swing tak pasal-pasal -.-"
4. not pretty as i wished i could =/ *lame lor*
5. not good enough

5 things you love about your best friend:

1. because she is KUMA
2. always there when i need a shoulder to lean on
3. can always *ahem* her. heheh
4. have almost the same thinking as me
5. because she tagged me!!! hah!

5 things you love:

1. my mom
2. my siblings
3. travelling
4. shopping
5. being lame & silly *am i right, jenny?*

5 things you hate:

1. fall sick
2. snake
3. cockcroaches
4. gain some weight
5. people compared me with others!

5 things you wish you'll have:

1. more cash
2. an original dvd set of Princess Hours
3. a new phone perhaps?
4. have a good looking bf?! wth
5. marry a rich husband :P

Your top 5 phrases:

1. sia *thanks to AH & WC*
2. wth
3. ya right
4. oh okay
5. okie dokie

5 people you tag:

1. victor
2. joycelyn
3. grace oon
4. zhi jie
5. suwan

p/s - im going for check up tomorrow for my NS!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

CCB 08!

Eventually, i have nothing much to update.
Therefore, i helping my sis to promote a 15 Leo Club Joint project which is :

Charity Carnival Bazaar 2008.

When? 10th March 2008
Where? Taylors College, Subang Jaya
From? 10am - 6pm

Do come & give your support ya meanwhile have fun :)
Thanks youuuuuuuu!
*if anyone wanna purchase the carnival coupon, can kindly let me know ya,i will inform my sis abt it*

I found this picture in my file.
So just upload it!

Believe it anot?! I am jay's fan but i didnt buy his cd not even once.
Mostly is given by him as present :)

p/s - Sorry Zhiji boy for dint realise you just now :/ (im always in blur case situation)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Jay Chou's Concert.

Jay's concert is like TODAY!!! yeappie!

And, im going to watch him performing live!!!!



Okay, im lame. wth!
Obviously im not there whereas im blogging right now.
See the time i publish this post also know i missed out Jay' concert la right?
aiyo! doink betul =/
Wai Chun, do have fun in Jay's concert ya!
You gonna have to tell me the whole story abt the concert man :)

Since i missed put Jay Chou's Concert, so what i did is :

Second round for movie with the same dude as yesterday.
But this this Simon couldnt make it as he have some family reunion *if im not mistaken*
And, Philbert joined us which means Me, Darryl, Han Jia and Philbert :)
Forget to mention that, Alene ffk-ed us. evil babe :(

We watched :


Red Line!
in theaters APRIL 13?!!! =.="

Movie was pretty enjoyable especially those chuns car! fuyoooooooooooh!
Therefore, i think guys should enjoy it more than girls b'cause ......

there's lots of sexy+chun+hot body chick = nose bleeds!! :D :D

Am i right, guys?! ekekeke

Have dinner at Warung Bistro. mine 1st time being there.
That place was cooling. thanks to the weather :)
The guys knew those people there as they are currently working there.

HJ got this from one the waiter there.
those waiters there are nice & friendly though.

After dinner, i was kinda curious abt how Summit hotel rooms look like.
So i ask Darryl to bring me up to check out his room.
He is currently staying in Summit hotel room no. XXXX. *wanna know ask me personally ya!*
He stay there due to his working hours which is from 11pm-7am. holly shit man!
i am sleeping tightly while he is working. pity him.
Besides that, he stay for
FREE wei. Thanks to his daddy.
His daddy must be some big/ high position man in Summit Hotel, i guess!

The room was huge for 1 person stay!
Moreover, i can see Twins Tower & KLCC from Darryl's room window *grins*

view from the 18th floor



4 of us in the lift.

HJ dont wanna take pics with me! Boo
But he promise nxt time will take with me :)

p/s - thanks guys for today! :)

Friday, February 22, 2008


Was expected that i got work but mana tau tak ada?!

That's the reason why i rejected my appointment with Wai Chun :(
Nvm then. Spent my whole afternoon doing the house chores.
Was extremely tired & exhausted =.="

Received a phone call from Darryl in the noon.
Ask me out for movie with Han Jia and Simon.
Head off to Summit at 4.45pm.
Movie is at 5.30pm.

We watched :

Vantage Point

Vantage Point was okaaaaaaaaaay.
Except the repeating part b'cause there's many diff point of view.
It's killing me man =s
But i like the ending lah. cool!
Overall rate of the movie is 7/10.

After Summit, went to Taipan to pick up lil boy then back home.
Waited for mom to get ready and off to Sunway Pyramid.
Lil boy need to get some stuff.

p/s - people, is there anything wrong with my blog?!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Vincent's b'day!

HAPPY B'DAY once again to Vincent Pang!
This post is especially for you, my big brother :)

b'day boy. yer~! old adi ler!

Hey Vin bro, Happy b'day ya! Now you old already ler. uncle lah you.
Anyways, although you always bully me at home *ahem*, but still, i love ya.
Glad to have you as a big bro and also a big BULLY. ekeke.
Hope you had a great b'day celebration ya.
Besides that, hope you like the pressie we got for you.
Next time will get you an individu, better and nicer pressie okay? :)
No more share share with them already. hehe.

Now get back to my outing yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

We have dinner at LaLa Chong Seafood Restaurant near Subang Airport, Terminal 3.
Daddy is back with his director, Uncle Brother Tawan b'cause of urgent meeting.
Meanwhile, can celebrate brother's b'day! yay

Dinner Time :

b'day boy.

poser lil boy.

with my one & only dearest beloved cutie sister <3

chocolate walnut cake from Secret Recipe.

he just make a very simple wish.

b'day boy with Brother Tawan from Bangkok.

family photo! <3

they looks adorable right?!
*vin was acting cuteeeee*


p/s - i must get the Princess Hours DVD sooooooon =/