Sunday, April 22, 2007

mom woke me up @ 10.23am.was stuned why she did so.

she say lets go eat dim sum. ??

i was like ' har, you serious one aR? '

she said ' yes.'

i am totally blank.

omg.i am still tired n sleepy.

din wan to get my ass up from my bed. ZzzzZ

good things is that she ask me to drive.oh no! i wan to take a short nap in the car.

GONE! my dream - DESTROYED ~

okay okay.FINE.i drive.lets go.


dim sum restaurant was filled with many customers.

good business huh? well done.

well, met sam n kent lee somwhere near there.

DIE i am having 2 n a half hour for form4 chemistry classes later.

i lazy wanna go. sleepy head me.

however, i have to attend form4 basic sucks to the max. =(

here was the pics i took yesterday during n after leo idol.

do enjoy it.

if you don, watever la! =/

for yr info, vic will die if she din take pic for a day.

i mean not reali will DIE la.


Saturday, April 21, 2007

vic say good morning!

well, yesterday was an super totally extremely emo day

but guess today is a wonderful n cheerful day for me

everything abt the past will be forgetten

proud of myself that i am stronger this time

special a million uncountable thanks to all my friends out there for supporting me all the way

thanks so much!love you all!muaccckkkss ~

besides that, thanks to my more than 12hours sleep.lack of sleep caused me emo!

had a comfortable n well sleep last night.

missed my lovely sis.she went to prefect camp for 3daYS 2NIGHTS. *missing her*

i slept alone without my sis.sumthing were missing. =/

such a wondeful day i am having today

i am happy

weee ~

anyone wanna go leo idol later?

i am going.anyone wanna join me?

it cost rm10.held in summit auditorium @ 1500- ??

come come n support leo christopher lim

he got into the final

unbelievable? BELIEVE IT!

congrats chris!!

best wishes for later ya

gonna camwhore later at leo idol

guess i should update it after when i am back home

vic say goodbye ~

p/s : my bro say i am a sakai for a certain reason
( don ask why )

Friday, April 20, 2007

emo day!

today - 20th of april.

where me, victoria pang classified as an EMO QUEEN. surpised?

guess it's not really surpising. the victoria pang, you all used to know were a cheerful & hyperactive girl but guess it not gonna happen SORRY.

is not i want to be like this but it juz became like this.maybe it's all my fault.

i din want it to happen.there's nth i can do to turn back time.can i?

definitely the answer will be NO!

i din wan to shout all this out here.because i know you will confirm 100% view my blog.

that's why i rather keep it to myself then blogging abt it out.

i know blogging works but i din wan you to know abt how,wat n why am i like this.

i know you are tired of everything. and i am trying to lose up yr burden towards me.

so i beg you pls don ask why.

guess you wont even wan to view me blog anymore. =(

i am so dead now.missed my lunch.lack of sleep.dehydrate.sick & tired of everything.

injured my 4th finger due to punching the release tension n even stress.

sorry for not listening to yr words but there's no other way.

i do have this thought last few days - can i ever end my life?

i know it's a stupidest way but i really cant stand it anymore. HELP !

immature thinking i am having rite?everyone do believe dat i can be stronger than this.

but the truth is i am not strong at ALL. i admit that i always act strong.

humble of me.

life just suck!

your words make me realise that life is worth it to move on.

it flash back how wonderful is my life to have you n also my family members.

i did realise there's many ppl who face even more worst problem than me but they still stay strong.

why cant i?

sorry, i juz cant! this is a statement.

i do seriously salute them.

you used to say how lucky are you to have me in yr life but i think yr thought is wrong.

maybe i cant fullfilled you but at least i tried my best to do so.

maybe i cant be the gf that you always wanted but i did reali tried my best.

i cant do anythin but just there anything else you wan me to do?

just too many problem occured in us. why? it's my fault!

as i said, i am SORRY for everything.sorry for making you emo.

sorry for making you cant sleep.sorry for making you din get to wake up n attend school.

sorry for making you worry abt me.sorry for makes you always simply think.

sorry for make you super sensitive.sorry for making you to spend yr cash on me.


eveything is my fault! i am sorry!

therefore, wat are we now? answer me pls!

i din wan it to end up this way.

there's nth else i wanna say.

i am juz gonna be an extra quiet girl where living in a silent life all by herself.

life suck to the max!!!

i'd been trying so hard to stay calm n cheerful but in the end i just lose it.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

anyone miss me or either my updates?


cause - i din take my nap today.ate lunch.sit in front of the com.listen to music.

checking mails.dropping ppl testi n comment in friendster.

lifeless huh?

ate spaggeti for my lunch.quite filling.get hyperactive & don feel like giving a damn to sleep

so blogging is my lifesaver

recently got a present from my mom which is one of my wishlist item

Guess wat is it?

it's an ipod shuffle!!!! PINK ipod shuffle juz for me.pleasant

as always siblings will start complaining ' why you buy for her/him but why i don have? '

but thanks god! my mom bought 3three ipod shuffle for all of my siblings including me.

no no.not everyone of us have it but my cute elder bro is still in langkawi.chill ya.

mom getting it for you too when you're back. *cheers*

jenny & vic @ kfc

as my previous updates said regarding upcoming events.i had attended it with jenny.

we moved our ass to sj's IU Day.held in their school hall.damn

smart-ness of us.wore our leo uniform to an events where they held it in school

don jealous over our smart-ness ya! ~ :P

marvellous IU they organized.congrats for them.

they worked extremely hard to make it a success event.i can see that.

good thing, i did enjoy myself there by juz paying rm10. =)

the ikea cup were souvenir & others were door gift!
( 1st time getting so much item for door gift )
the black cover item were a cd holder where i won it during games session
don ask me abt the games session.

vic & la salle pj's leos

well, vic n gary are normal but those two?
err retarded? =/

here we go again! jenny & vic

vic & nick
when i saw him @ there, i was stunned until my leg cant move!
is that nicholas from my school?

president of leo club la salle pj - yuvanes & president of usj4 leo club - vic
* proud*

me again ( bored seeing me? ) don you dare! =p
this pic kinda blur but he is ivan from la salle klang.
a very nice person.

cheerful jian chuan n me !
a good friends to me.cause i used to need his transportation to tution.

there are plenty more pics i took but lazy wanna update! sorry. =/

this pic down here. err ignore it.but don ignore it. wait! wat am i talking?

well, this is me when i am camwhoring.

cant blame me.

i loves camwhoring.

do you?

vic acting cute?

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

hey guys! do hop to mun mun's blog to see 15.04.07 updates !
she upload those pic there & wat happen on that day! so enjoy it at there ya!

thanks you ! muacccccccckkkkkkkkkkksssssssss ~

Friday, April 13, 2007

upcoming events

i wanna share with you guys abt the upcoming event that you shouldn miss it

don juz stay at home and be a homie

do come & enjoy yrself

by paying less, you will get to meet many people & get to know new friends while get entertain in the events by special perfomances ~

believe me! you don wanna miss these event

14th APRIL 2007
Leo Club of SMK Subang Jaya IU Day
Masquerade Day
rm10 - club uniform
rm12 - strictly semi-formal
SMK SJ school hall

21st of APRIL 2007
Leo Idol Final
Summit Auditorim

29th of APRIL 2007
Leo Club of La Salle Klang 15th IU Day
One Love One Passion
rm25 per person / rm25o per table
Klang Executive Club ( KEC )
Formal, Club Uniform

did anyone else just started blogging?

i just know some1 who start blogging yesterday

wanna know who?

go and realise my links there n see who's new in my link!

haha seems getting more n more people into blogging nowadays

by blogging, we can shout out our stress-ness, joyful moment and many more

blogging really did a great job!! *cheers*

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

surpise for jenny?

a great surpise today for jenny ( my best gal )
she received 2 cute lil hamster from roger ~
happie 1st month anniversary ya both of you!
oh no.why am i so excited abt it?
guess i am juz feeling happy for both of them

sorry ya gal, i have to keep it as a secret for not letting you know abt it
i did suffer too =/

a stunned surpise for me too
get a chicken soft toy from him
it's so cute
not gonna upload its cute pic here
it only belongs to ME! blek
selfish me
so who give a damn abt it?
sue me then! :P


recently just bought 4 extra exercise books from small bookshop? NAH, big bookshop sound right!
subject - chemistry, physics,maths n addmaths!
those book are for improving my failure subject
hell no
pls don remind me abt it!
spm is so soon?!
that's right!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

oh gosh!
the hot stupid weather is killing me!
dying halfway here caused by the weather
anyone can help me make malaysia have snow??
i will feel totally grateful if you or anyone are able make snow in malaysia

i am so lifeless at home today
my astro is not working which i dont know why?
lifeless me >.<
decided to start doing my school work due to boredness in me
seriously i was freak up when i realise i got totally lots of work to do!
omg omg omg

i was supposed to publish this post around 2hrs ago ( actual time that i publish this is 11.13pm)
but something unpredictable happen
that's my keyboard is out of batt!!
i spend my this 2hrs by eating chocolate to release tension n looking the my past pics n hunting for AA battery for my damn keyboard!
guess wat?!
i realised it after viewing my past pics that
i din even change from young till now
only thing that changed is my hairstyle
i looks so noob last time

hey! not only me that look noob alright?
everyone of you surely looked noob last time
don come n tell me NO!

besides that, i was feeling guilty the whole day for making my mom mad at me
she mad at me b'cos there's some reason
aiks! i am so sorry, mama!

vic is bored @.@
seriously lifeless here until can die
thanks god i have him to accompany me chat by sms!
weee ~
thanks so muchie!
muaccckkkkkkkksssssssss ~

time to update! ~

was back home from badminton around an hour ago & feel like blogging n don feel wanna have my sweetdream yet
went badminton at sunway club with my friends
it been a long time din play badminton already
i enjoyed playing & miss my wonderful childhood where i always played badminton with my daddy =/

before playing, we occured some problem entering the badminton court
then we decided go makan our dinner 1st
everyone was kind da pissed up! >.< tak baik ~ hehe
we had our dinner at sunway club one of the restaurant there
wow predictable that the food there is quite costy
juz a cup of chinese tea costed rm2! wow seriously mahal!
enjoy those pic down there ya!
juz upload it to make my blog interesting?

nice view huh? :P

the rm9 nasi lemak?
costy but yummy ~

kean hoe's dinner - chicken chop ?

my rm5.90 ice kacang
cold cold! brain freeze >.<

seriously yesterday 7th of April is not my day
it was an emo n tension day
although emo n tension but i do reali have fun playing badminton with them
thanks you guys for this fun day

aiks! my phone got no credit already
i am gonna be dead without credit in my phone
guess later my phone is not gonna ring at all
if it do ring but i still cant reply msg or call out
guess nobody will call me so watever la

Saturday, April 07, 2007

OMG! today is reali not my day!
i wanna shout it out in here!
i am bengang n tension-ing now!

juz don ask me why n wat happen that causes me like this
i am not goin to answer yr question no matter who are you!
pls don ask!!!

it had been a long time i din tension like this already..
why why why?!!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

my one n only beloved dad is back to bangkok this morning
luckily get to give him a goodbye kiss 4 he left
not even a day he left, i starting to miss him already
wish he could be here longer to spend more time with us =/
guess there's always another time?

skool is bored cos we have photography sessions for club n persatuan for our skool magazine
i bought my leos uniform,heels n leo club banner to skool wei
semangat sial! :P
firstly, we took formal pic then when time to take informal pic,
everyone was 'wat we gonna pose?'
everyone was blur n din noe wat to pose
then the old uncle photographer say pose 'PEACE'
so we were like.. wth! pose only la
omg! it sucks! sad man! ~

attention to all smk usj4 leos :
our 1st general meeting will be held as written :
date - 6th of April 23007 ( Friday )
time - 12.30pm till 1.45pm?
venue - 5R classroom
pls be there ya leos! thanks! =)

Leo forum?! omg!
i cant send the form today! sob sob ! ~
but my mom will send it for me tomoro morning!
wee ~ thanks mom! i love you!

any blogger is sick now?
aiks! seems like now is sick season!
quite a number of ppl fall sick nowadays
haiyo! =(
izzit reali sick or either love sick?

- vic missing you lots -

Sunday, April 01, 2007

pink! yeah ~

BORED here! guess it's time to update
wat happen in my life?
well, as usual nth much happen ! zZz
wat am i supposed to blog abt since nth much happen in my life?
doink me! =/

ohya me n my sis juz had our haircut this afternoon costed us rm90!!
wow, my sis look totally different
she cut her FRINGE TO SHORT!
but she looks cute!
jealous me =/

yeappie i am happy cos my dad is back from bangkok for few days
miss him badly! same as my bro! i miss him too!
i should sit down n stare at my dad so that i wont miss him so much nxt time
but he is leaving back to bangkok on tuesday morning
luckily i had dinner with him n my family member juz now
it been a long time din have the chnace to sit in a table with him n have dinner
it sound sad huh?
it's reali sad n i am gonna miss the feeling when he goin back there =(

feeling happy but feeling stress too in the same time
stress of my leo stuff including leo forum, region award form, meeting minutes & project report
i dowan to be stress!! =/
soon i wont be stress of leo stuff but will stress for spm pulak

vic, don give up! haha
was listening to josh groban's song titled " you are loved ( dont give up)"
loves this song
full of determination n don give up? :P

teenager problem - LOVE?
normal thing occur in teenager's life
i miss him so badly! sob sob! >.<