Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Too much updates

Just came back home not long ago but am too tired to update on today outing.

Will update tomorrow or something okay??!

Need to get to bed soon. Gonna have another outing tomorrow! I'm so busy with outings :D

What the heck?! So short punya post! :P

p/s - Selamat Hari Raya :)

Monday, September 29, 2008


(Philbert's early b'day surprise party @ Han Jia's place on the 28th September 2008)

The gang decided to throw a b'day surprise for him because he will be leaving for flying school in kelantan soon :( And, his actual b'day date is on the 4th October

Pictures credit goes to Jenny Chan aka kuma

she knows that I will always love her!

the early birds girls

kuma kuma & mun mun

he was surprised :)

the yam sheng session

soon-to-be-birthday boy gave a speech

jenny & simon

the noob(s)


with mun mun, the only girl who got drunk last night :/

hot babes


i love vodka :P

vincent was drunk as well

Met few new friends. I only can remember Vincent and Justin. The two more, I can't really remember their name. Sorry! Nice meeting you guys.

Overnighted at Jenny's place. Didn't really get to sleep. Was half dead this morning. Then meet up with the rest. 9 of us went to have our brunch at Jalan Cempaka, PJ.

This party was really a bomb man! It was a great party because there are a fews people got drunk. Heh. I really enjoyed myself. Hope the others felt the same. Moreover, I like to attend parties especially when there are alcohol. Haha!

Reached back home at 12.45pm. Got my bath and straight away knocked out. Slept till 4.45pm. Omg, only 4 hours! *yawning*

p/s - Han Jia said Justin and I are like cat and dog because we always fight. Sorry ya, Justin!

pp/s - actually there are more pictures but will upload it when I get it from Karyn & Carmen.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

It was superb.

(Birthday boy celebration @ Bangsar Shopping Centre, Chili's on the 27th September 2008)

Note : There will be plenty of pictures. Do bear with me ya because it's my lil boy's birthday :) After all, once in a year what! Not forgetting that we are the camwhore family. teehee

First, we cut the birthday cake before leaving for dinner.

the birthday cake.

birthday boy

camwhore queen

the sisters

on the way to bangsar

Reached bangsar shopping centre around 8.33pm. But then, Chili's was packed so we have to wait for about 20minutes. We are in the waiting list. So, the girls went for a walk around the mall and the things there are freaking expensive. Finally, we managed to get our sit at 9pm.

yay, it's my birthday!!

the monkey :P

the ladies

the guys

While waiting for our food to arrive, my mom and I went to the washroom. Meanwhile, my sis and brother were camwhoring! Omg, look at the camwhore king and queen :

Finally, they are done with camwhoring!

the siblings *hugs*

aiyer~! acting cute ah :P

Oh yeah, the foods was awesome & mouth-watering.

Since, my sister and I always eat very little, that's why we are the 1st to finish our foods. While the others were still enjoying the foods, my sis and I camwhored :D

After they finish all the foods, started lah the camwhore session again! Haha!

thanks to the bimbo vincent who make me laugh :/

I like this so-called-candid-picture

acting like a little cute bunny :D

yeah the evil thingy :)

all of us <3

I had a great time with them. But most important, hope lil boy do enjoyed himself :)

I love my family :D

p/s - Wow, that's really a lot of pictures right?