Monday, September 29, 2008


(Philbert's early b'day surprise party @ Han Jia's place on the 28th September 2008)

The gang decided to throw a b'day surprise for him because he will be leaving for flying school in kelantan soon :( And, his actual b'day date is on the 4th October

Pictures credit goes to Jenny Chan aka kuma

she knows that I will always love her!

the early birds girls

kuma kuma & mun mun

he was surprised :)

the yam sheng session

soon-to-be-birthday boy gave a speech

jenny & simon

the noob(s)


with mun mun, the only girl who got drunk last night :/

hot babes


i love vodka :P

vincent was drunk as well

Met few new friends. I only can remember Vincent and Justin. The two more, I can't really remember their name. Sorry! Nice meeting you guys.

Overnighted at Jenny's place. Didn't really get to sleep. Was half dead this morning. Then meet up with the rest. 9 of us went to have our brunch at Jalan Cempaka, PJ.

This party was really a bomb man! It was a great party because there are a fews people got drunk. Heh. I really enjoyed myself. Hope the others felt the same. Moreover, I like to attend parties especially when there are alcohol. Haha!

Reached back home at 12.45pm. Got my bath and straight away knocked out. Slept till 4.45pm. Omg, only 4 hours! *yawning*

p/s - Han Jia said Justin and I are like cat and dog because we always fight. Sorry ya, Justin!

pp/s - actually there are more pictures but will upload it when I get it from Karyn & Carmen.

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