Thursday, May 26, 2016

Stage of life..

Have you ever thought what will you be doing at the age of..err..24? Most probably most of us just started working or maybe still studying or maybe both :) 


But for me, it was slightly different because I got married at the age of 24 where most of my friends are still unmarried. Among all my group of friends, I'm the 1st who tied the knot. Feeling proud LOL 

I never thought that I would be someone's wife at the age of 24 but it was meant to be. Thanks God I married the love of my life and we're ready to settle down by then.

Then life goes on and we didn't have any family planning. I got my 1st and 2nd baby at the age of 25 *I lost one at early of 2015 and delivered BabyT at end of 2015* It was a roller coaster ride for me in the year of 2015*

Life goes on anyways..

Life. Life. Life. 

Even though my body changes after childbirth but I'm more than happy to say I'm proud with where I'm now. Motherhood is indeed challenging but I'm enjoying it every moment of it *although I can't fit in some of my old clothes YET, sleepless night and everything else* Oh bummer! 


Sunday, May 15, 2016

Beauty takes time

Because even a mother or wife need to maintain her beauty! Ehehehe

I'm not a beauty blogger nor a professional one. 

I just find things to blog about and mostly it's about my daily activities or whatever shit I'm doing lol 

Since I've time to pamper myself *babyT is taking his nap* , I decided to do facial mask. It has been a while since I went for facial and I don't have the time to do so with a baby at home and hubby always not around T____T 

And also I actually have very sensitive skin. I only stick to one or two brand for my facial products. 

Although I know I have sensitive skin, I somehow don't know why I bought EtudeHouse Clay Mask *silly me*
:O Aiyo! 

But because I bought it already and I damn long didn't do mask, I pyscho-ed myself to use it. Crazy impulsive buying attitude! Boo 


They are having buy 1 free 1 promotion. Each of only rm94. Must be the reason why I bought them.

Look, I like the colour of the bottle as well. It's turquoise :) it comes in only 1 size which is 100ml

Must be another reason why.. 🙊
Just right the size to bring it on the plane. Hahaha if you wanna go travel and need to do mask :p

It's ultra clay pack btw. Hence the color of it. So muddy 😐

Each bottle comes with a small spoon/spatula. So cute! 

Moment of truth.. According to the instruction, apply it on a clean and dry skin and avoid eyebrow, lips, hairline and eye area.  

Clean face! 

Yup that's right. So not even. Hahah I don't have much time to apply nicely.
What is suddenly babyT woke up and he sees me like this? :0 

My time is really precious so I leave it on and go get my shower :) Multi tasking is what a mother always does at home!

The scent of this mask is not bad thou. Hahaha. 

Leave it dry for 15-20mins then rinse off with lukewarm water. 

After that i just apply my moisturizer and toner and I'm done! 

Can't wait to do it again and see how does my skin reacts to this mask and the brand itself.

For best result, do it twice a week. That's what the sales girl told me :) 

Oh of course you're welcome!  

Monday, May 09, 2016

Down South

Hola peeps! Hello new month. Hello MAY!

Recently I was in Adelaide for couple of be exact, around 3 days. Tagged along with the hubby as he has 3 days off over there.  Perks of being in the aviation field :D 

And my flight ticket was so cheap lol. Actually we wanted to bring babyT along too but because he just recover from flu and cough so we didn't want to take any chances. Next time ya babyT *promise* but of course not adelaide again haha

So my flight was a night flight, luckily I was able to have some sleep in the plane AND OF COURSE I WOKE UP  IN BETWEEN TO PUMP MY MILK. Damn full lo if didn't pump. Sadly, the milk was wasted because going in to Australia with liquid and dairy products are like a big NO NO :/ So yea there goes my milk and effort T____T 

Off we go. So called "economy class" *grins * 

So my 1st Day in Adelaide this : 

Flight time was approximately 7.5hrs. Damn long right? Wah!
Arrived hotel hubby and I ko-ed and we slept all the way until 1500hrs local time. Time diff was 1.5hrs ahead. GMT 9.5 fyi

Yup nice hotel right opposite casino :P 

My fav travel set! A must to bring everywhere I go! 

Day 1 #ootd shot 

Went to check out the pool and gym facilities. Weather was cold, definitely didn't take a swim :O How to swim? >.<

Hello casino! Thanks for the AUD$200 :P :P 

A grill restaurant beside the hotel. Convenient and cheap *got 50% off for hotel guests* 

Hubby with his grilled baby snapper with some super yummy sauce *the sauce is really good, oh my*  

A great place to drink! Happy hour time. 
It has been awhile since I last drink some alcoholic. But I'm still skipping alcohol due to breastfeeding.  So noble of me

Along the shopping street, Rundle Mall area. Yup, I brought 2 handbags *grins grins grins* 

Spot us!! 

To be continue the next post ya.. 

Oh did I mention that during my whole trip in Adelaide I still express my milk and bring them back to KL? Yup that's right. I brought over a cool with 2 ice packs in my luggage bag to keep my milk in the right temperature to bring them back to KL. I wasted half of the space in the luggage bag for the milk. 

There's why I only bought 2 handbags T____T Oh well, sacrifice right?! 

It's not easy to pour away the milks you pump so frequently okay?! Heart pain :(