Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Will never say no...

TO THE BEST THERAPY IN THE WORLD (besides shopping and body massage)..

ICE CREAM! Haha yea now you know that I eat to release stress (a lot of stress)

So I'm like one of the (low profile) regular at inside scoop taipan because i like their durian flavour ice cream..No doubt they are the best (for me at least) 

But please do share and intro me a new place if any of you know a good durian ice-cream :D 

Nope this isn't durian because they didn't have it that day itself. Boooo ~

Nevertheless, this was their new limited time raspberry and longan waffle. It doesn't sound match to me because of the combination of longan and raspberry but hey, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. 

Go give it a try if you wanna try something new *wide smiles*

Friday, July 07, 2017

OMG! You don't say..

Like really OMG! It's already JULY! Where did all the time flies to???? T___T

Half a year GONE. just GONE

But okayyyy, welcome and hello July. Let's hope for a better month for this mama here :)

Is it me or the hype for korean drama/food/whatever associate with korea is here? 

I mean you know the hype for the korean drama titled ; GOBLIN. It seems like it was like the 2343984362 most famous drama :? 

With the hype and all, I suddenly have the craving to dine korean food so we (hubby and I) being adventerous and tried the Choo Choo Chicken located in Taipan USJ 

(Being a mom makes me lazy wanna travel far and out of subang just to have a meal) 
Anyone feels me? 

The food was okay only but I still prefer Kyochon 1991 :D 
But this was cheaper than Kyochon 1991 so ain't complaining.