Friday, July 07, 2017

OMG! You don't say..

Like really OMG! It's already JULY! Where did all the time flies to???? T___T

Half a year GONE. just GONE

But okayyyy, welcome and hello July. Let's hope for a better month for this mama here :)

Is it me or the hype for korean drama/food/whatever associate with korea is here? 

I mean you know the hype for the korean drama titled ; GOBLIN. It seems like it was like the 2343984362 most famous drama :? 

With the hype and all, I suddenly have the craving to dine korean food so we (hubby and I) being adventerous and tried the Choo Choo Chicken located in Taipan USJ 

(Being a mom makes me lazy wanna travel far and out of subang just to have a meal) 
Anyone feels me? 

The food was okay only but I still prefer Kyochon 1991 :D 
But this was cheaper than Kyochon 1991 so ain't complaining. 

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